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Default Better Make It A Dozen - by GluttonyCat (~FFA, ~BHM, ~~WG)

-FFA, BHM, WG - A self professed glutton meets the potential woman of his dreams.

Better Make It A Dozen
By GluttonyCat

[Author's Note:] A little bit of truth and my own personal fantasies mixed in. Criticism and comments welcome.

SNNNAAAP! PING! I looked down over my expansive and bloated belly and noticed that the lowest button on my long-sleeved pajama shirt had finally given up the fight to contain my engorged belly and had completely popped off and hit the end post of my bed. My face was smeared with bits of leftover crumbs from the bags of Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Cheetos I had just eaten. Many thoughts entered my head as it finally started to dawn on me how gluttonous I had become and what the results of my gluttony were doing to my body. I was both excited and fearful over my current predicament. The pajamas I was wearing had been the last article of clothing I had from before I had started to date my girlfriend Rachel. I had now officially outgrown everything from my original wardrobe. All of my other clothes had been replaced twice now with my latest wardrobe selection getting tighter by the day.

At one time the pajamas I was wearing had been very baggy, hanging loose around my fat body, and the waistband was elastic. I had been very fond of these clothes since while officially being pajamas I could still laze around the house all day with some modesty. Before I met my girlfriend I had been by no means a skinny fellow. 240 pounds of fat on a 5’7” frame gave me a wide full belly, a chunky butt, moobs that could fill an A cup, arms completely devoid of muscle, and the hints of double chin that threatened to reveal itself in full if I got bigger. Now after six months with my girl, Rachel, my obese body may very well have broken past the 300 pound mark. My belly had grown into an even larger mound of jiggling fat that now covered my genitals even when I stood up.

My arms were now like bloated sausages and could barely fit in the long sleeves of my pajamas and made loud smacking noises when I raised and lowered them too quickly. My moobs had grown to a point where they could fill a generous B cup now. My butt was now a hefty shelf that was supported by thick, fat thighs that were stuffed at the moment into my skin tight pajama bottoms. My double chin had fully formed and my cheeks had grown rounder. It really had been silly of me to keep wearing my pajamas since the shirt buttons were constantly gapping and a good 1 ½ inches of belly was visible in a ring around me. Probably the only reason the shirt buttons had given up before the pajama bottoms button did was the fact that the button on the bottoms was a strong metal clasp. How had I allowed myself to become so out of shape and fat you may wonder? That’s an easy answer. I’m a glutton for food; perhaps some would call a food addict.

I had always been a chubby kid. I loved food, especially the kind that people know are bad for them. I loved to eat, but could never quite eat the way I wanted to. Friends and family would admonish me if I ate too much, so I usually ate my meals feeling unfulfilled. The one time I can remember truly eating to full satisfaction was when I was 10 years old and discovered the wonder of baby back ribs. These ribs were the regular kind that adults eat, but so enamored was I with this sudden deliciously greasy food that I managed to gorge down 15 ribs into my small frame. The feeling of being stuffed beyond full was an amazing feeling that I did not get to enjoy often in my life before I met my Rachel. After moving out of my parents place 4 years ago I found myself in a situation where I wasn’t having my eating monitored all the time.

Of course being a poor college student that had to share a fridge with multiple roommates meant I had to be particularly thrifty in my spending and could not buy too much due to a question of space. From time to time however, I was able to indulge myself quite well and the results began to creep onto my body. When I moved away from my parents I was a slightly chubby 170 pounds, but over the years that weight slowly began to creep up and my love of food had managed to place 70 pounds onto my frame by the age of 24. I was by no means bothered by my entrance into obesity. I carried the weight well, and besides, if I were to worry about my weight it would get in the way of my eating. I was and am a glutton.

If I could afford it I would not have 3, not 4, but at least 5 or 6 meals in a day. The feeling I got from stuffing myself with all kinds of food gives me a wonderful feeling throughout my body. Getting fat is simply the logical result of my gluttony. Add on the fact that I enjoyed being lazy and most of my hobbies required about as much energy as turning the books of a page, pressing buttons on game controls, and clicking mouse buttons. I worked full time in food service and also went to school, so I could only laze around on my days off, but I made certain to take full advantage of it when I could. Upon reaching 240 pounds I began to worry though.

I had not dated much and, while I didn’t have any trouble talking to girls I was often placed into the “friend” category. My unique quirk with food was also a hurdle I would have to deal with eventually, and I doubted there were that many girls who would like to have a boyfriend who is a glutton. All things changed though when I met my Rachel. We’d met by chance on Facebook, and had innocently started chatting with each other, and as luck would have it were within driving distance of each other. Our conversations gradually changed from friendly to a more intimate level and when the subject came to fetishes and secret desires I came out about my addiction and desire to glut on food. Surprisingly she took it well.

In fact, she even offered to treat me for a day on our first date, saying she wanted me to know that she would be willing to accommodate my desires and that she wasn’t going to judge me or criticize me just because I was a little different. We had our first real date two weeks after we started exchanging e-mails and telephone calls, and met up at an all you could eat buffet (the location being my idea). We had already exchanged photos before meeting, but I was still blown away by her appearance upon meeting her for real. She had long dark hair, a tan complexion from sun bathing, a gorgeous smile, and a slim, but curvy figure, all on a 5’9” frame. We made with the usually chatting that couples have on a date until finally I asked her if she were really fine with her helping me foot the bill on my meals that day.

She reassured me that I didn’t need to worry about it and jokingly commented that I was only one person, how much could I eat? Boy was she surprised. I plowed through plate after plate at that buffet. Her eyes just grew bigger as she watched me plow through 5 plates of greasy food and was further shocked when I unbuttoned my pants for more room. By the end of the date I had managed to polish off 6 plates of food and 3 desserts. I could have and wanted to eat more, but I was so stuffed I knew it had become too much of a chore to keep going back and forth for more. I had contemplated asking Rachel to help me in getting more food, but I held back since she had already been shocked by what I had eaten already and wasn’t sure how she could handle me wanting more.

Things returned to normal not long after that though as we continued our day. She had gotten over her initial shock and even joked about it, poking my bloated belly and asking how I enjoyed it. Blushing, I responded that I really enjoyed the meal, but to be prepared because I would probably eat more before the end of the day. She laughed; saying that there was no way anyone could eat that much and still eat so soon after. She soon came to realize just what it meant to date a glutton. After our meal we went to the movies (where I ordered a large popcorn, drink, and 2 boxes of candy), and a Starbucks (where I ordered a venti caramel frappucino and a pretzel). Towards evening we went to a fast food place for a cheap and enjoyable meal, where I gorged on several orders of fast food.
At the end of our date Rachel dropped me off at my place and as we started to say our goodbyes I asked her again about what she thought about me and my addiction to food. Rachel looked me over. My stomach was bloated, laying heavily on my lap, and poked out almost a full inch from under my shirt. She placed a hand onto my belly and felt around it. While still looking at my belly, she told me how it wasn’t that bad, and I could have worse addictions like smoking or excessive drinking, and that I was definitely a good enough guy that a little quirk like this wasn’t enough to put her off. She even told me that so long as she was around that she wouldn’t ever admonish me for my appetite and I could relax and eat what I want with her.

Our relationship continued much the same after that, and we went on dates at least twice and sometimes 3 times a week. After the 3rd month our relationship became quite physical and some changes in our behavior began to appear. I became bolder in my displays of gluttony in public, and even started asking Rachel for help in getting me more plates of food even after I had glutted myself at the buffet. I would walk arm-in-arm with Rachel in public while I chowed down on various foods. Some days when we simply spent time at each other’s place, Rachel or I would buy tons of junk food and we would laze about throughout the days watching movies and eating. I had taken Rachel’s advice and did not hold back in our relationship when it came to food. Of course, by succumbing to my desires for food my body steadily began to show the results. I would wear my clothes until they simply could not button or got worn out, which resulted in more than a few public dates with my expansion being quite obvious on my body.
Rachel had started to change a bit in her behavior too. After we started getting more physical she started to show more public affection to my body by patting or rubbing my belly, spanking me on the butt playfully, and even hugging me randomly and feeling my body up. Another thing that Rachel started to do was bring me lots of junk food just for me over to my place, even when I didn’t ask her to. There had even been a few times when she started to encourage me to eat just a bit more when I hadn’t finished a plate and was well past stuffed. On Valentines Day, she spent the whole day practically waiting on me and making sure that I had plenty of food within arms reach and let me laze about. It looked like a mini mountain of junk food wrappers and containers had formed by the end of the day. Eventually, even when I wasn’t looking at her face I could swear that I could tell that she was smiling as she watched me glut myself again and again.

6 months had come and gone since Rachel and I first met, and now I sat on my bed realizing just how big I was getting. I, her boyfriend, was a gluttonous pig steadily growing into morbid obesity with no signs of slowing down any time soon. She would be at my house any minute and here I sat bloated and looking like a fat blob. For the first time in a long time I was genuinely worried about how big I was getting. While Rachel had been supportive and even intrigued about my gluttony, I started to doubt that she actually liked that her boyfriend was slowly turning into a super-sized dough boy. She might even had been affectionate to me lately simply out of the kindness of her heart and not because of any real physical attraction. As the seeds of doubt and worry began to take root in my mind I heard a knock at the door outside, and the call of my girlfriend asking me to open the door.

I greeted her at the door in my pajamas, since she already knew how I liked to laze about on my days off. Rachel came in carrying 6 large bags of what looked to be super-sized fast food meals and even a box of a dozen donuts from the bakery near my place. I unconsciously licked my lips in anticipation, ready to devour the huge serving of fattening food. “Hey sweetie, brought you some goodies, since I know you would probably be hungry still,” she winked and smiled coyly at me.

I blushed, and new thoughts began to form in my mind after seeing my girl’s reaction to my body. It didn’t seem like my girl minded seeing me at all in my current slovenly attire, even though the testament to my gluttony was practically on full display for her. She certainly hadn’t minded when we were in bed together, and really she has been quite the enabler throughout our time together. She may even like the fact that I am fat.
I knew that I had to get this matter out into the open; otherwise I would continue to incessantly worry over it. “We need to talk Rachel.”

Concern showed in her eyes as she heard the seriousness in my tone. “What’s the matter honey?”

“I’ve outgrown all of old clothes from when we started dating; I popped the button on my pajamas just a little while ago. You remember these used to be really baggy on me? I’ve gotten huge Rachel.”

She eyed me up, realizing that I was right, and taking in just how big I had gotten. A smile creeped onto her face as she took in my bloated and fat body.

“Do you like the way I look, Rachel? If I continue the way I am I’ll probably only get even bigger.”
Realizing what I was getting at she shook her head and smiled. “I’ll admit I was a little concerned when you started getting fatter, but I have to say that after a while I started loving seeing you pig out and get bigger. Besides, it’s not as if you’re the only one whose put on some weight, and I haven’t heard you complain,” Rachel said while patting the soft gut she had developed of her own in the last 6 months. Being around me and my eating habits had rubbed off a bit on Rachel. She was pretty much the same, but now sported a larger cup size, a bubble butt, and some added softness to her features all around and a nice pudgy gut with soft love handles.

“Well, yeah, but you would’ve had to have the willpower of a devout Tibetan Monk to not gain some weight around a guy like me, and you could never be any less beautiful to me Rachel.”

She blushed and smiled at my compliment.

“But don’t you think I should lose some weight? I’m huge and only getting bigger,” I said, while emphasizing by lifting and letting go of my large fat gut.

Looking me right in the eye Rachel said, “Do you want to lose weight? You get to eat what you want, when you want, and however much you want,” Rachel said as she slowly walked towards me, until she stood right next to me and started rubbing my belly affectionately. Looking into my eyes she smiled that gorgeous smile of hers and said, “Plus, you have a girlfriend who adores you and loves watching as you eat and fatten yourself up.”

I felt a tingle of excitement go through my body at these words; I now knew what I would say, and what my choice would eventually do to my body.

All of the doubts and worries that might have halted my gluttony were gone now, and I knew there was going to be no turning back when I made my choice. “I think I could use a donut,” I said licking my lips and a greedy look in my eye.

The smile on my girlfriends face grew, and there was a hungry look of her own in her eyes. Feeling up my bloated belly she says coyly, “Just one, sweety? Better make it a dozen. And don’t forget the fast food I brought. You wouldn’t want your girlfriend’s time and money to go to waste do you?” Passing me the super-sized meals I smiled back at her and reached into the bags and began my feast of greasy foods.

There was no stopping me now. I was a glutton through and through, and my girlfriend was my naughty enabler. “I hope you’re ready for a super-sized boyfriend too,” I say my words somewhat garbled as I stuffed a burger into my mouth.

She then went behind me and hugged me from the back, but not quite able to wrap her arms completely around my middle. Squeezing my sizeable love handles she whispers huskily to me, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, hush, and eat, there is still much more for you.”
My body trembles in anticipation.
Who says that you should only have 3 meals a day? I prefer 5 or 6:eat2:.

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