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Please tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Odette, 22 and from Amersfoort, Holland. I've been a member of this board for three years but have not been very active until now, I am ready to change that I currently work part-time as a horse groom and am studying to become a Reiki-Master.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with food. Are you a 'foodie' and, if so, what do you think makes you a foodie?

I've been raised in a family that was all about food, my mother loved to cook and my father loved to eat. So I've been seeing restaurants from the inside on a monthly basis sinds I was a baby and have a fair deal of knowledge about them. I've been reading cookbooks from seven years of age and have been on cooking school for a year. Right now I am writing restaurant reviews in my spare time and am working on my own cookbook. So I dare to say I am a real foodee, yes!

Is there a special food, or type of food that would elect you president of its fan club?

I think Indonesian food, Curry's, Pizza's and Steaks can reckon me their biggest fan, yes

What is the freakiest or most fun food fact about you?

I've been invited to help the cook in a three star restaurant when I was only 7, because I was so passionate about food.

Do you like to cook? Do you have a dish or dishes you consider your specialties?

I love to cook, and I am writing my own cookbook because of it. I would consider asian cuisine to be my specialty, though I am very good at anything with potatoes too

Do you think more about food or sex? (this might help with the "are you a foodie" question, above

I definitely think more about food than sex, because I need more of it and it's available to me daily, which sex isnt
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