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[Author’s Note:] Sorry for the delay on this. Real life intervened and blocked my romantic inspiration for a little while there. Happily, I'm un-blocked. Hope you enjoy...

March 1st

Susan woke up a few minutes before her alarm was set to go off and found herself spooned up against Jeff’s strong, warm back. Her thighs curled around the growing globes of his ass and her hand cupped the bottom curve of his belly. Squeezing him gently, Susan felt a warm, sensual satisfaction.

Thinking fondly of the night before, Susan enjoyed the irony that Jeff seemed to become less weighed down – less burdened – the more he allowed himself to indulge and gain weight. Oddly enough, getting fat helped him lighten up.

After all, Jeff’s strict diet and exercise regimen had been pretty typical of his attitude generally. Before Christmas, Jeff tried to keep tight control of just about everything he considered part of his responsibilities. As his strict nutrition and fitness routines were forgotten, Susan was glad to see him begin to relax about other things. For years, he had been meticulous about arriving at the store 45 minutes before opening every morning dressed in a smart suit and tie. Since New Year’s, he often left as little as 15 minutes before opening, and he decided that business casual was acceptable for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. As winter wore on and the snow continued to accrue, he became less particular about clearing every inch of concrete on their property and concentrated on the driveway and front walk. He continued to lift weights, but did not stick to a tight schedule as he always had with his running. He eased some of his demands with the children, allowing things he had previously derided as useless lollygagging.

Another arena in which Susan thought Jeff had always been too tightly wound was his social drinking. He had always limited himself to two pints of beer or one mixed drink, no matter the occasion or how long the event. She had never said anything to him about this because certainly didn’t want to encourage alcohol abuse. It wasn’t really even the alcohol as the feeling that Jeff was always on edge, as if there might be a test later and he needed to stay vigilant.

Not surprisingly, he never seemed to enjoy their social outings as much as Susan wished he could. Susan was genuinely thrilled when he started drinking more and staying out later on his Thursday nights out with boys. Now he was willing to indulge himself to his heart’s delight. He not only ate what he wanted, he also gave up on his two beer limit. After he started coming home from Thursday night happy hours cheerful and flushed from laughter in a way that Susan hadn’t seen on him in years, she encouraged him to stay for dinner with his buddies if he wanted to.

It had taken him a few weeks to really take advantage of her offer, but last night he had stayed out until ten, when two of his friends had needed to drive him home and help him into the house. Hearing the commotion, Susan had hurried to the front door to find him holding an exceedingly bloated belly, swaying slightly and wearing a shit-eating grin on his face, obviously very full and very drunk and very, very happy.

Luckily, he wasn’t a particularly loud drunk, so he didn’t wake the kids up. He was, she was amused to note, an incredibly horny drunk. After his friends had left, Susan started to steer him toward the stairs. She thought he was about to fall at the bottom of the stairs, but he spun her toward him, took her by her waist and pressed her up against the wall, practically falling onto her, belly first.

As she recalled that first kiss, Susan was transported back to the night before.

She was devastated by a rush of desire. Jeff had always been a skilled and considerate lover, and had always pleased her very much. He had, however, never approached her with such reckless abandon and she found that she loved it. He took her hands in his and held them against the wall over her head. “God, I love you, Suze,” he murmured as his lips connected gently with hers.

His sweet kiss deepened as she opened up and he thrust his tongue against hers. He moved on, kissing and nipping with his lips across her cheek to her ear lobe. As he leaned into her, she was pinned to the wall by Jeff’s warm, round belly. Pressing harder and sucking along her jugular, he tilted his hips up and his pelvis forward, pressing the long hard bulge in his jeans along her pelvic bone.

Urgent want burned deep in her center and she whined longingly. “Please,” she had begged, as he snaked a hand under her shirt and bra to cup a breast. With what looked like a great effort to concentrate, he stood back for a moment to pull off her shirt and bra, then leaned down to give wet, sucking kisses to each of her nipples. He rubbed her wet nipples with the rough pad of his thumb, spreading heat through her entire torso. Her “please, Jeff,” came out breathy and weak.

“Susan,” he growled deeply. Returning to kiss her mouth, he backed up enough to undo both of their jeans, and shoved their pants and underwear down to their ankles. Hands returning to cup one buttock and tweak her soft spot, her insides melted into hot liquid lava.

As her knees began to buckle, Jeff hoisted her up on the wall, lifted her bottom out a bit from the wall and thrust deep inside. Wanting their bodies to merge entirely, she wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked her ankles together. Working into a steady, full rhythm, Jeff dropped her an inch so that his entry became impossibly, wonderfully deep and hard.

As Jeff attended to the other side of her neck, she thought vaguely of the deep purple marks she was sure to see tomorrow. Not that she could think straight. Riding hard on his thick ridged cock, her muscles clenched tighter with each thrust until she was coming in a series of shuddering convulsions. Again and again, each exquisite moment better than the last.

“Jesus, Jeff!” she screamed at last unable to bear more. She called out in the agony/pleasure of it all as he plunged into his own deep and long and trembling orgasm.

Still at last, they held themselves together and Jeff dropped his forehead against the wall to the side of her head, panting. “Fucking unbelievable,” he murmured, kissing her ear.

The memory of Jeff's newly uninhibited lovemaking and their first-ever wall sex gave Susan ideas that had no place in the family's time-sensitive weekday morning routine, so she decided to get up and take her shower a bit early.


An hour later, Jeff's belly bulged out as he finished his second plate of breakfast. Susan absolutely adored the shelf that had recently developed at the top of his belly and how it visibly inflated every morning as Jeff ate his filling breakfast. Just thinking about it, she couldn't resist leaning over the back of his chair, reaching under his arms and wrapping her arms around him for a big hug. As she lent to kiss his cheek, she snuck her hands on top of his bulging shelf and snugged her thumb in the crease under his expanding pecs.

The only thing better than his currently sexy pudge was knowing that Jeff was growing every day. When he weighed himself a few days ago, he had been 259 pounds. His gain went up with big events like their Valentine's dinner and down when he worked too hard, but Jeff seemed to be gaining 7 to 10 pounds every week. Imagine how big he would be in another month – or two – or three, thought Susan giddily.

Later that morning, after she had chivvied Jeff and the kids all out of the door, Susan sat down to eat her own breakfast of a single Wonder Waffle, orange juice and four pieces of leftover bacon. Her meals didn't hold a candle to Jeff's, but they were bountiful compared to the small amounts she had eaten throughout their marriage. Now that Jeff had expressed his true preference to see some good healthy curves on her, Susan felt free to indulge herself a little. She had always liked to eat more than was good for her, after all, and had felt deprived as she struggled over the years to keep her weight down. She felt absolutely liberated by Jeff's Valentine's Day revelation – she loved the idea that she could eat anything she wanted. Even so, she didn't have an urge to stuff herself the way Jeff did and wasn't rushing into anything. She thought of herself as relaxing her habits, rather than making a drastic change. She was taking it slowly and, so far, she had only gained a few of the 10 pounds she lost over the holidays.

She had just finished cleaning up from her breakfast when their new cook, Katie, came in the back door lugging three bulging grocery bags. Susan couldn't have been more pleased with Katie. She was a real dynamo and had made the job of feeding Jeff much easier. In just two short weeks, Katie had integrated herself into all the shopping, planning, cooking and cleaning. Susan's own responsibilities had gone from a monumental chore back to a pleasurable hobby.

Katie worked three hours every weekday morning. On Mondays, Katie sat down with Susan and planned all the dinners and weekend meals together. She spent the rest of the morning shopping and organizing. The first week, Katie purchased a special set of meal-sized Tupperware containers and a huge chest freezer that went down in the basement. For the rest of the week, Katie (very politely) kicked Susan out of the kitchen and went to work whipping up the most amazing meals. By Friday, the chest freezer was filled with containers with instructions on how to heat the dish and what to serve it with.

Katie only prepared the big things, leaving fresh vegetables and bread for Susan. Susan thought it was just the right balance, letting her feel as though she was actually cooking dinner for Jeff and the kids, but saving her gobs of time. She still cooked Jeff's big hot breakfasts and packed his lunches, but after the kids went off to school, she had most of her days free to get back to her regular activities. She was glad to have the time to get back to her morning yoga class, to have lunch with friends, and to watch her favorite TV shows. It was good to relax after two months of scrambling to tempt and indulge Jeff's appetite.

After a brief conversation, Katie once again kicked her out, well, encouraged her to leave. Not needing to be told twice, Susan picked up her yoga bag and headed out to enjoy her day.

I yam what I yam.

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