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As a man who prefers women of size and curves hasn't always been easy. First from family and so-called "friends". Telling me that I could do better....this was confusing to me. I've been with many beautiful,sexy and intelligent women of size. How could I do any better? The second thing that irritates me is cute,sexy and lovely bbbw/ssbbbw no matter their color have body issues and seem to think a man has no true feelings or interest beside sex for them. This has caused more trouble and heartbreak for myself. I will gladly hold the hand of my luscious curvy lady and walk down any Blvd. or in the mall or anywhere not giving a damn who thinks or says what. I dislike the men who prey upon such kind and beautiful women making it difficult for men of honor and respect to capture the heart of many bbws. Now I live in an area that is bbbw deprived...I find myself longing for them all the time...I have found myself hanging outside of Avenue and Lane Bryants at the nearest mall just to catch a glimpse of a beautiful woman. Sad I know but out here in the desert most a skinny,tanned into an inch of their lives. I hope society learn to see the beautiful I see and feel the way I do. But then again if it doesn't happen...I frankly don't give a dam.
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