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Originally Posted by Mishty View Post
I don't do back. I don't think my ass will ever be big enuogh for me like it, but this shot kinda adds mystery with it's darkness(the sun messed it up), and ugh, okay GREAT belly view up front.
Originally Posted by CarlaSixx View Post
So... this isn't much a view from the back but it's the closest thing I could find, lol.

Originally Posted by spiritangel View Post
It wasnt until my cousins son decided to take the following pic (he is 9 and seems to be fasinated by the two female B's boobs and butts)that I realised we have a clevage thread, arm thread, leg thread, naked thread and no thread dedicated to the view from the back,

I mean we have curves and stuffs there to, and I have a big butt as do many of us but also the overall view from the back of a BBW/SSBBW can be very attractive

so I am starting this thread (man I must be feeling brave today)

with this pic

I must say, a view from the back only makes a man wonder what could possibly in the front

haha, nice pics ladies!
look behind you........
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