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Originally Posted by Cors View Post
For the transpeople:
Do you face similar problems and how do you deal with them? How do you feel about "chasers"? Any positive romantic stories to share?
I honestly have never had a date turn positive (I don't try to date, they've just happened). Eventually they find out and are grossed out or they're interested still because of the oddity. I want it to be a non-issue, not a plus or minus. I am not some f***ing experiment. Please respect me. I'm pretty normal, other than being a bigirl with a cock. That's just a part of the package, not a highlight, not really heavy baggage.

Chasers honestly creep me out. There's a difference between something being a plus or a preference versus being a fixation. I have met one, because I know his wife (she's ts). I felt so dirty, scared and insecure in their house that when I got back in my car I cried uncontrollably for one of maybe 10 times in my life.

Really, the ideal is that my past and my parts are irrelevant. That goes for all aspects of life from employment to relationships.
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