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Originally Posted by Rebecca View Post
I can't see past or parts being irrelevant for anyone--regardless of who the person is.

Because of my own gender fuckery, I am attracted to other people who've dealt with gender-fuckery things--even if they're things that have been dealt with and are in the past and settled, etc. I'm not a chaser, but I consider any one else who's been through anything where gender and identity have been a (for lack of a better word) question to be one step closer to being someone I could get on with, because at least they get that aspect.

If that makes any sense.

Of course, it isn't a reason upon which to base a relationship because it negates the person themselves, but it can still be important and positive.
I'm ever the pessimist. Ideals, such as my aforementioned one, are really just ends of a spectrum, and I never really believe that ideals are achieved. Mostly because someone's ideal is one person's hellish nightmare.

I don't ever really believe that it will not be an issue, however, I would be happy with it being more of a back burner issue. Yes, it will come up whenever I date, interview for jobs, am evaluated for promotion and more. I just want to have to worry about it less. For some people, I will always be a "dude" and am some kind of freak. I can live with that as long as I just don't have to deal with it very often.

I think where I define a chaser as someone who dehumanizes and objectifies someone with attribute X. I get along better with women who are interested in high fashion, specifically haute couture. But it never has been a fetish for me, and is really just a bonus. I don't want to demonize fetishists, but I am having a hard time wording this.

I like your last comment. It really encompasses my sentiment.

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