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Originally Posted by Rebecca View Post
Without sounding too soapboxy, I have to say this is pretty much the case for women full stop. As a woman, your gender is always going to be examined extra closely during these processes--it may be even tougher for someone who wasn't born with the anatomical parts of a woman, because the examination may be closer/more "why would you choose to be a woman??!?!" but it's still there. That never goes away and is, I'm afraid to say, part of being a woman.
My mom worked as a model (a long time ago lol) and said interviews meant being complicit meat.

When I've had issues, it's never been "why", it has been disgust and unwaivering hatred at what I am. Luckily, I've yet to have an employer have any issues, it's only been people I've gone on dates with or random strangers who found out. The only reason I worry is because I don't have employment protections that women and other groups have. I can be straight up fired for being TS without any repercussions.
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