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sowhat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokessowhat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Originally Posted by butch View Post
FWIW, so can fat people in most places/situations (get fired withour repercussions). They also get shit on in job interviews and in promotions, and its happened to me.

I guess I'm playing oppression olympics here, so let me be clear, I'm not trying to invalidate anyone's experiences. As a fat genderqueer myself, I struggle with both forms of discrimination in the workplace (and other places), so I never know how much of my treatment is because of one or the other.

As to the OP, well, yes, I do date a trans person, and it is great.
I'm not trying to argue either. I like the term you used "oppression olympics", not for any reason other than it is funny. I've said it before, we generally carry a torch for what is close to us. That aside, I'm going to stop posting about this stuff because it seems like I'm playing the victim when I post on this forum and I hate when people do that. Sorry cors for the thread derail, and anyone who wants to continue this, reply, etc; pm me and leave this thread clearer.
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