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lishiyo has said some nice things

Most def.

I'm a bi woman who often likes androgynous/genderfuck types, which plenty of MtF women fit under. I probably prefer pre-op, but it doesn't matter (I'm one of those people who just don't find genitalia that interesting in general I get turned on more by height, facial expression, shoulders etc).

Is she interested in other lesbian transwomen? Maybe a shared background of sorts would help. Not all transwomen are obsessed with passing - I think the heterosexual ones are more likely to try to do so. I agree that the queer community in general, much less broader society, doesn't treat transpeople well . There aren't that many lesbians even in the bigger cities, so just by numbers, the chance of finding love will be lower than for het and/or cisgender women. That sucks, but there's not much we can do except look more intensely and seize opportunities when they come. I think the obsession with what you look like in bed tends to mellow with age too.
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