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Originally Posted by thirtiesgirl View Post
Interesting how women in the popular media like Demi Moore and Tina Turner who are both married to much younger men are often referred to as 'cougars.' According to how I've often seen and heard the term used, it doesn't just refer to women who are looking for casual sex with younger men. It seems to be blanket term for any older woman with a younger man. I've even heard it used to refer to women in their 40s who may or may not be dating younger men. Simply the fact that we're 40, and thusly considered "older" by the popular media, means that we're 'cougars'? Yeah, right.

And who's to say that casual sex isn't considered 'dating' by many people? Almost every guy I've met online and dated has assumed that 'dating' includes casual sex. So why harsh on the women who choose to engage in casual sex? Why refer to the men they spend their time with as 'prey,' and the women as 'cougars'? It's demeaning to women and however we choose to live our lives.
Well you have websites like They have a ridiculous ad that always comes up on my satellite radio. They make no bones about it, that it is about sex, and not dating. "we aren't really dating, we just like to have fun, over and over..." direct quote from the ad.
I have read articles on events, not unlike the Bashes, where older women and younger men meet for the main purpose of "hooking up" in an uncommitted fashion.
The cougar is one of the few animals in north america that stalks and kills humans. The implication to me has always been aggressive women who pursue younger men. Guys who engage in the same activity are often called "dirty old men".
I did not mean to demean women, in their choices of partners, long or short term, but rather tried to inject what the term has come to mean to men.
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