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Default seafood soup

- 2 fish stock cubes (i use Knoww ones)
- 1 small carrot
- 1 celery stick
- 1 white onion
- 1 large handful cut mixed peppers (colours of your choice)
- 2 spoons of long grain rice
- some frozen cooked and peeled prawns
- 2-3 yellow fin sole fillets (skinless and boneless)
- double cream
- spices- bay leaf, crushed all spice, crushed pepper, 1 garlic clove

Boil about 2l of water with fish stock and spices. Add chopped carrot and onion, sliced celery and rice, boil for 10 mins. Add peppers, prawns and fish cut into small cubes (chunk size), boil for another 15 mins. Finish with double cream (as much as you want). I add some fresh, finely chopped chives with cream (parsley will also do)

Enjoy ;-)
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