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I remember dating a gal who sat down in one of those cheap plastic outdoor patio type chairs, when we went to a bar and grill, and a leg snapped on it. Of course, those things are so cheaply made - I don't think anyone really thought that much about it. She was all embarrassed, but people were more concerned that she was ok / didn't hurt herself, you know?

And I remember back in a summer school math class, in high-school, a girl sat on the top writing surface part of a desk that one of her friends was sitting in, and snapped the whole top off of the rest of the chair. (I helped her move the broken desk to the back of the classroom real quick, before the teacher came in.) She wasn't really that big, but a little on the thick/chunky side. They were cheaply made desks, really -- but I still overheard her friend whispering to her, "How much do you weigh??" Never heard her reply, though.
that sucks. Unfortunately I don't have any stories. Wish I did though, would be kinda nice
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