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Default Actually, I saw that video, I think ....

That's the one with the (I think German?) gal riding it? That was a different-looking Powerwheels vehicle than the one my ex-g/f tried to ride. It didn't have any fenders over the wheels or anything, and looked like it might have been sturdier. Maybe they made a whole different line of the things in other countries?

I think she *did* put her whole weight on it in the video though, and even bounced on it a little bit. Not really sure how much she weighed ... but I think she claimed various numbers between 340 and 370 in other videos of hers? In any case, in the video I saw, it supported her just fine, and didn't even "sag" a bit until after she plopped down on it multiple times and did the "bouncing" thing. (Probably just slightly bent the rear axle at that point, but nothing major.)

Anyway, it looks like if you want any hope of seeing one get *crushed* by a gal trying to ride it? It needs to be someone in the "over 400lbs." weight category at least! (That, or maybe someone can try riding one of the ones made for 1 kid instead of 2 sitting side-by-side. Heh.)

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It would be amazing if one of the lovely bbws on this site tried to ride one of those powerwheel cars. There is a video on the site of a bbw riding one but I don't think she puts her whole weight on it. It's low to the ground so there isn't any risk of getting injured and I'm sure somebody knows somebody that is getting rid of one. I would pay to see that.
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