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I'm happy you posted, cause I think a lot of people (read: ME!) went/are still going through a similar conundrum. I read a genius book about something called "sexual fluidity" and I think it explains a lot of what you're experiencing. this book explains all sorts of things, including changing sexual preference, lesbians who end up marrying a man, married woman who fall in love with other girls, girls dating back and forth between both genders, etc. I loved it because it made me feel normal abut something that has been a source of self-consciousness.

I remember when my family first found out that I had been secretly seeing another girl. There were tears, yelling, questions, disbelief, and a lot of heartache, but ultimately, my family knew that they were going to love me no matter what I did. It's the curse of being related to someone. I have faith that your family will react in a similar way: uncomfortable at first, but gradually learning to tolerate it, if not understand and respect your decision. I really hope everything turns out OK for you. Just remember the important thing is that you find a person that you love, not a gender that you love. Best of luck, darling!
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