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Originally Posted by Celestial Ceece View Post
I identify as queer but have used the label "bisexual" because it is easier for "normal" people to understand what I mean by that. I am not particularly fond of the term bisexual though, because I think, for me anyway, it implies that my sexuality is black and white - men and women - binary. My sexuality is full of color and not defined by a label!!
I have to concur with Ceece - I have almost the same sentiments as Ceece, although I identify myself as pansexual and not bisexual if not as queer, but it's hard for people to understand the term "pansexual" sometimes as well. In which case I go back to identifying as queer. "Bisexual" does not at all describe my sexual inclinations, even though I do occasionally love to ogle gorgeous gay/bi men, prefer gay porn to straight and lesbian porn, and have a penchant for hitting on (literally hitting) cute BHMs on occasion.

And yes, I am back on DIMS
"All truths go through 3 stages; it is ridiculed, it is violently opposed, and finally it is accepted as self-evident.":bow:
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