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Originally Posted by Fat Brian View Post
I mentioned the same point, I was fat and an outsider anyway so I didn't feel any pressure to live up to anyone expectation since I already didn't.
I was an outsider too, but it was because I was a nerd long before nerds were cool. As an outsider it was incredibly liberating to think for myself and not really care what others thought. They didn't expect me to fit in anyway. One example was typing class in high school in the early 1970s. Back then we had mostly manual typewriters and a few electric models. I like to brag I built my own steam-engine-powered typewriter, and instead of a bell it had a calliope whistle (not true but it breaks the ice at parties). Anyway, some of the jocks used to corner me and pick on me: "Ha ha! You're in a class with all the girls!" That is, until I pointed out, "Yes. I'm in a class with all the girls. And you're not." Gradually it began to dawn on them that there might be something to that typing nonsense, and a few football players actually turned up in typing class! Nowadays of course typing is a great skill.

Maybe that's why I didn't catch much flak for dating the fattest girl in high school. I might have had oddball ideas, and even if my classmates couldn't comprehend it, most seemed to think there was method in my madness. So if that nerd wants to date a fat girl, well, more power to him. How do you like that? A nerd who became repectable!
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