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Originally Posted by superodalisque View Post
in your journey where are you? do you or are you at the stage of just trying to accept your fat or do you actually like it? i know a lot of people have gone from kind of accepting the societal line that its better to be thin to accepting the size they are. where do you fit on the continuim? if there were a skinny pill would you take it tomorrow? would you be ok with losing for non health oriented reasons or do you feel a bit sad when you drop a few? are you happier when you gain? or are you somewhere in the middle, enjoying it on some days and not so much on others?
I would say I'm somewhere in the middle--enjoying it on some days and not so much on others.

I always LOVE me because well...I'm fabulous, but I admit that there are days when I avoid full length mirrors and cameras like the plague...
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