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If there was a pill I could take to drop down to 250 I would take that pill. I try very hard to like me for what "me" but it is so hard. I have recently gained back almost 30 lbs. Putting me at 446. I work so hard to loose the weight and then stupidly I put it back on. I don't want to loose weight to fit in, find love are any of the varies reasons fat women make up. I have two reasons, why I would love to hit 250. One for the ability to hold a job and not be in constant pain, and two to be healthy enough to have a child. I have a heart condition that makes it very shaky thought at this weight. The only reason I do feel sad when I loose weight is because My guy once said I was his perfect girl ( at 665) and I know for him I will never be that perfect girl again. Ill be the person he loves but never that dream girl I was. LOL am I happy when I gain, I hate gaining, but I love to eat. Now that would be a pill I would take ( eat all you want and stay the same weight you want to be)...
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in your journey where are you? do you or are you at the stage of just trying to accept your fat or do you actually like it? i know a lot of people have gone from kind of accepting the societal line that its better to be thin to accepting the size they are. where do you fit on the continuim? if there were a skinny pill would you take it tomorrow? would you be ok with losing for non health oriented reasons or do you feel a bit sad when you drop a few? are you happier when you gain? or are you somewhere in the middle, enjoying it on some days and not so much on others?
Trying to be something you are not, only waste useful time you could be enjoying life... Be wonderful and love every moment of it... xxxooo Evie
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