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Default BBQ Part 4 - dmaskedFA (~BBW(mult), Imagery, Eating)

Early the next morning, in the guest bedroom, Mark lay in the bed spooning the vast expanse of June's belly as it expanded and shrunk with her breathing. As she laid on her side her belly ballooned out from her body like a mountain taking up a lot of the bed.

The sun brightly shined into the bedroom, waking them up. Mark rolled over to kiss her saying. "Good morning."

June patted her belly "I guess we should get downstairs to join the other for breakfast."

Pulling the tremendous weight of her belly over the side of the bed. Pulling her legs over the side of the bed to heave herself up. She panted, and heaved her huge belly up in the air several times before she was able to get it high enough to get out of bed.

Her belly jiggled and wobbled as it fell into place hanging down like an apron a little above her knees, she tried to peer over her grand protrusion of a belly to see if see if she can find her slippers, but it was fruitless.

Every little movement on her part caused jiggling and wobbling motion throughout her massive breasts and belly.

June missed her treadmill at home that she used to maintain her mobility and help her have some control over her ever expanding gut. She was panting and breathing heavily as she waddled up each step, holding on to her massive belly with both hands. She got on. She grabbed a brownie that sat next to the bed, and lumbered toward the bathroom. Her pronounced waddle made her middle sway seductively from side to side and her ass had a light bounce to it.

She stretched her maternity girdle and sucked in her gut as much as possible, which was not much, and tried to pull the girdle from her hips up over her big gut, but her gut seem to just too big for the girdle.

"Mark! I think I outgrown the girdle?" she said with the girdle barely partially on, and her belly forming a very large muffin top and it escaped the restrictive girdle.

"Don't worry sweetie, we just need to pull harder. Now suck in." Mark said coming over.

Once again she sucked in her gut as much as possible and he helped her tug the girdle up, over her impressive gut. Ever so slowly, she released her breath, allowing her belly to expand to its normal size. Then the sound of creaking, as her belly started pushing against the poor overloaded girdle with increasing pressure looking for room. Thinking that it was now contained, Mark gave her a kiss. "See it still fits."

"I still think I need a new girdle!" she said worryingly look at her protruding gut as the overtaxed corset creaked against it.

Suddenly the girdle blew apart and with a frrrrrrrp of seams bursting open as a defiant tummy exploded out in triumphant from it's prison. June lost her balance fall back onto the bed. Her belly wobbled and giggled violently in celebration of it escape.

She struggled to sit up right, and look to see want happened to Mark, who was already at June's side.

"Damn it. My little belly is getting too big. I look like I am 9 months pregnant with triplets. And, it is in the way too many times. " she said. She tried to look down, but her jumbo chest and monstrous rotund belly blocked any view of her lap, let alone her lower body. Patting her belly and watched it jiggled vividly. She turn to Mark and remarked. "Maybe I need to lose a few. What do you think?"

"Never" Mark put his arms around her tummy, kissed it repeatedly. His touch of her belly, resulted in a tingly feeling between her legs. Despite the burden of carrying a heavy gut around, it also a very sensitive erogenous zone. The simple gentle touch of her massive globe was enough to get her tingly in her crotch. Matter of fact, the more her gut grew so did her sexual satisfaction. "Won't we disturb the others?"

"Not at all."

When he started to caress her belly, she could not stand it anymore, she gabbed him, pulled him onto the bed, and rolled on top him. Heaved her big belly up and down trying to straddle his hips. Mark put his hands under her belly, to help support her massive gut. With every thrust the bed moved with the force, until Mark unloaded a large wad, causing her to massive orgasm. She screamed in delightful ecstasy, then roll off of Mark. Her belly heaved as she panted. Then she rolled over into his arms, with her belly on his.

(Continued in post 13 of this thread)

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