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Originally Posted by madvfxartist View Post
So, I have a question. I think I am bisexual, basically because I am really fickle and kinda go in shifts on who I am attracted to, men or women. My question is, is that normal?
I think so, that is precisely how I am. It's no different than your desire for food, sometimes you want Chinese, other times you crave Mexican. I know it's a really lame analogy but I think it has some merit.

Humans are very self restricting, this comes from their need to identify with a particular group. We are herd animals. So unfortunately we impose imaginary barriers on ourselves. Our brains like order and struggle with ambiguity. You can't be a very regimented and restrictive individual and be bisexual. You need to be able to throw your hands up in the air and give up the idea of classifying yourself.

I think your description of the "shifts" you feel, vacillating between homo and hetero desires is the foundation of bisexuality. And like the others, I think even the term Bisexual really buys into society's need to define things in a binary way, this *or* that. Pansexual is good, I like any term that means fluid or dynamic.

When people ask me about my sexuality, I always reply "They don't have a word for what I am".
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