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Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
A long time ago, on a board named.. Dimensions.. I posted a picture of Snickers Fudge. I can't find it now, but here is a recipe for Snickers Squares.

I almost posted the recipe on the February Foodee Challenge, but it looks so hard to make, I doubt I'd have the patience (and time) to make it.. But I really want to make it right.. NOW.
That's a cool idea. I checked out the link though, and the name of the site is "The Best Mom on the Block". My first reaction was, "Really? Who the eff are you, lady?" I'm not even a parent and so I really shouldn't feel the need to get defensive, but...I just thought I'd share that little tidbit!

P.S. I am totally sorry if that's your mother's website. LOL. Okay, I'll stop

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