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1. My name is Angela, I'm 25 years old, I graduated from culinary school in 2009, I currently work and reside in a small resort town on Lake Erie.

2. I have always had a passion for cooking, as a kid I loved helping my mom in the kitchen, and from a young age I've loved foods from all over the world (I'm primarily Egyptian and Italian on my mother's side of the family)

3 . Lasagna. People hate to admit that I make it better than their mothers, haha

4. I have an obsession with cupcakes, I love baking/decorating them, I like developing my own recipes -- I had one tattooed on my arm... haha

5. I love to cook! I do it every day at work (: my specialties are definitely lasagna, potato pancakes, potato leek soup, chicken parmesan, risotto

6. Food! but that might be because I'm surrounded by it at work on a near daily basis! (I love discovering new flavour combinations and playing with ingredients while I'm cooking, so food is on my mind quite often).
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