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Default Tuesday

Tuesday Ė 10am
Iím glad I brought those cookies back to the room with me last night (or was it this morning?)! I woke up at 8:30 and my tummy was really rumbling! I quieted my stomach with the cookies and went into the restroom. WOW, what a change! I guess I didnít really look at myself much last night after dinner, but all that food I ate yesterday is making me look about 5 months pregnant! My belly, which was almost flat before we left, now sticks out a few inches beyond my boobs. I know itís just a food baby and will go away soon, but Iím looking forward to seeing some of it show up as fat in other locations! I took a shower and just loved rubbing soap bubbles all over my new belly! By the time I finished, John had woken up and asked me to wait for him to go to breakfast. So, now heís in the shower and I am STARVING!

Tuesday Ė 3:30pm
I am definitely not keeping up the pace I set yesterday. I only ate one breakfast today, which consisted of 10 bacon strips, 4 sausage links, some hash-browns, and 2 Belgian waffles with syrup, nowhere near the volume/calories from yesterday morning. After breakfast, we changed into swimsuits and headed on deck for some sun. I wore a green and pink floral bikini with a push-up bra top. With the push-up bra, my belly and boobs were just about even with each other, and I definitely look pregnant.

Lunch was a poolside Mexican buffet where I got several tacos, refried beans, chicken wings, and corn on the cob. After lunch, I fell asleep for a bit on a lounge chair. The sun felt so nice and warm on my big round belly. On my way back to the cabin, I stopped for an ice cream cone, still only wearing my bikini. In the ice cream line, a skinny middle-aged woman asked me when I was due. I just smiled, rubbed my belly, and said, ďOh, Iím not pregnant, this is all me!Ē Her jaw dropped. She looked at me, then the ice cream machine, then back at me, and got out of line muttering to herself about how some people should cover themselves. I giggled and then set to balancing the most soft-serve ice cream I could fit into one cone.

Tuesday Ė 6pm
After my ice cream treat, John and I made love again. I canít believe how good it feels to have my full, hard belly rub against him! I took top and gently stroked him and positioned him so he was rubbing my clit exactly right. Back and forth, slowly, slowly, until I couldnít hold back any more. I fucked him so hard and so fast his eyes rolled back in his head. We both moaned as we climaxed together.

Soon, the sun and exertion had taken their toll on John and he fell asleep. I, of course, was hungry again, and went searching for a little snack to tide me over until dinner. I discovered the sandwich bar area of the buffet and made myself a sandwich with about a half pound of ham, salami, and cheese, smothered in mayo. I added a serving of bread pudding with vanilla sauce and ordered a coco loco from the bar. As I was leaving, I discovered a 2nd soft-serve ice cream machine, this one with strawberry ice cream. I couldnít resist a little taste and made myself a cone. But now I feel a little nauseous, so Iím going to lay down for a bit.

Late Tuesday Ė 1am
The nap helped, but didnít entirely cure my stomach, so I took it easy at dinner. The recommended attire for tonight's dinner is "Casual" so I got dressed in a new sheer top and a pair of size 5 white Capri pants that fit perfectly when I tried them on last week. Tonight, they looked like they were at least a size too small I almost didnít get the zipper up! They are so tight that I am sure it's obvious that I'm wearing thong underwear! I hadnít really expected any change in my hips and rear in just 2 days, but it looks like the food has started to distribute a little more padding all over. A closer look in the mirror showed that my ribs were barely visible, and even my face appears to be a little softer than it was earlier in the week!

I ordered a crab cake as my appetizer, along with apple soup, which was kind of like runny apple sauce. A little weird, but not bad. My entrťe was beer-battered cod and veggies. The cod was not great, so I didnít eat all of it, but I made up for that by finishing off two desserts. After dinner, we walked around the upper decks for a while. I avoided alcohol and took some heartburn medicine in the hopes that my tummy troubles would be short-lived and by mid-night, I felt well enough to have a milk-shake. Yum. Tomorrow weíll be in Honduras!

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