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Default Wednesday in Honduras

Wednesday – 8am
John is in the shower, and we are getting ready to get off the ship. Honduras looks beautiful from here. We ordered room service for breakfast so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting up too early. I don't like eggs, so my choices were pretty limited. I ordered 2 servings each of bacon and sausage, plus a banana. 8 slices of bacon and 4 sausage links is nothing compared to what I’ve become accustomed to, and I’m still a little hungry. Hopefully, lunch on the island will be good!

Wednesday – 4:30pm
Honduras is AMAZING!!! The beach we were at was absolutely perfect with nice, white sand, plenty of comfy lounge chairs and a gorgeous reef for snorkeling 30 yards out. The water was a bit chilly but the sights were worth it! We saw an amazing assortment of fish and corals. By 11:30, the locals had put out a buffet for us. I had some delicious BBQ chicken, rice and beans, and a cheeseburger. I also had a wonderful drink called a Monkey La-La, which is similar to a Pina Colada.

By the way, some of the local girls here have the most amazing figures! I guess it’s genetics, but I am so jealous! One in particular was serving drinks on the beach. She was wearing a 2-piece bathing suit and a grass skirt. I don’t know quite how to describe her… but I would do anything for that kind of body! Her ass was like two basketballs fighting for space under that skirt. Her breasts were like large juicy cantaloupes, barely contained in her bikini top. The back strap of her top was enveloped in rolls of back fat, and her love handles were lovely handfuls of flesh. And her belly… well, it wasn’t large, but it was soft and round and jiggled nicely when she walked.

Both of us were hungry by the time we return to our cabin so I suggested hitting up our trusty buffet on Deck 11 for a snack and John agreed. I had one plate of Sweet & Sour Pork with rice, as well as a nice Mango Streusel with vanilla sauce. Tonight is our anniversary and we’ll be eating in the more upscale restaurant on board. Not wanting to ruin our appetites, we headed back to our cabin for some amazing sex and a nap.

Wednesday – 8pm
I woke up at 6:30 to get ready for dinner and discovered that I didn’t have any nylons to match the dress I wanted to wear tonight. I head down to the shops on board to see if they have anything that will work. They don’t, but the shops are right next to the café, so I had 2 cookies on my way back to the cabin. Instead of the dress, I chose a short black and gold skirt with a black top. The skirt is very short, so I put on a pair of control-top boy-short panties. Even with the control top, I still have to leave the skirt below my belly. Luckily, my shirt is long enough to cover everything. I am starting to regret my decision to not measure or weigh myself until we get back. I would love to know how I’m doing on my goals!

Wednesday – 11:30pm
OMG! Dinner was nothing short of amazing! The beef tenderloin appetizer was sliced so thin it just melted in my mouth. For my entrée, I had seafood risotto, which was perfectly creamy and delicious. Dessert was a beautiful big mound of chocolate mousse, but it was heavier and richer than any mousse I’ve ever had before. When I ordered it, the waitress warned that it was quite large and usually shared by 2 or more people, but I just patted my belly and told her I could handle it. Once I started eating, I wasn’t so sure! The risotto had been very filling and the mousse was so rich and thick, I wasn’t sure if I could eat it all! Two thirds of the way through I started having trouble. I just felt so full!

I rubbed my belly and could feel the control-top panties I was wearing. Hmmm, maybe if I just roll them down a bit… ahhh, relief! My belly spilled out over the waistband of my skirt and rested on my thighs. Suddenly, I felt like I had PLENTY of room! I was so excited that my pussy got a little wet and I finished the rest of the mousse in 3 big bites. At this point, I leaned back and glanced over at the table next to us where 4 people were splitting a single dessert like the one I had just eaten. Of course, none of them had a belly quite like mine! I stood up and felt a bit of a draft... I tried to pull my shirt down, but found that it was not long enough to cover everything anymore!

After dinner we went to one of the bars where we ordered a couple of drinks, but we didn’t stay there long. I brought John back to the cabin and sucked his cock dry. Then, I spread my legs and he proceeded to lick my already wet lips. He grabbed my hips, but they were a little bit sunburned, so I took his hands and rubbed them all over my round belly. His hands turned me on almost as much as his lips! I came so hard that I screamed! I almost can’t believe it! I am getting fatter by the day and we are having better sex than we’ve had in years!

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