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1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Age, locale, work, family, whatever you'd like to share.

Im Lisa, 24, Im a baker and also teach cake decorating classes and work in my dad's office from time to time. I live with my parents still and my puppy Bentley.

2. Tell us a bit about your relationship with food. Are you a 'foodie' and, if so, what do you think makes you a foodie?

I cant remember a time when I didnt love eating and all things food. I have several pictures of me as a child passed out with food near me. I believe I am a foodie I cannot stop thinking about food. I fall asleep to food network or the cooking channel pretty much nightly. I have a degree in Culinary Arts and am very close to getting a degree in Pastry Arts.

3. Is there a special food, or type of food that would elect you president of its fan club?

The Cheese Chocolate and Bread club lol. I could live off of them.

4. What is the freakiest or most fun food fact about you?

I love mixing sweet and salty together. Love maple bacon cupcakes and chocolate chip with bacon cookies.

5. Do you like to cook? Do you have a dish or dishes you consider your specialties?

I love cooking a lot!!! My signature dishes would have to be a Parmesan and Coriander crusted pork chop paired with roasted red potatoes and red onions. Or my cupcakes and cakes. Ive been called the cake/cupcake queen before

6. Do you think more about food or sex? (this might help with the "are you a foodie" question, above)

While I enjoy them both immensely I would totally give up sex if I had to give up one or the other.
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