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Default It's time for Thursday's entries in the diary!

Thursday – 7:30am
We had to get up even earlier today for our excursion in Belize. Once again, the room service breakfast was OK, but not really enough compared to what I ate the first few days on the ship! But, we are going zip-lining today, and I am so excited! I tried to put on a pair of jean shorts that I just bought Saturday but there is no hope for them. I probably could have buttoned them if I had tried a little harder but didn’t want to be uncomfortable all day, so I put on a pair of stretchy black shorts. They were tight too, but more comfortable because of the stretchy fabric and lower waist. I am starting to think that I may run out of clothes that fit before we get back!

Before I got dressed, I examined my reflection in the full-length mirror. My ribs and collarbone are no longer visible at all and I’m starting to get a little roll of fat peeking out from under my arms. My thighs, which have always been large, now look a little puffy and there is no gap between them when my knees are touching. My face appears to be a little rounder as well! I’m still a little surprised at how fast my body is changing.

Thursday – 5:30pm
Zip-lining was SO cool! We didn't see much in the way of wild-life, but John and I agreed that flying over the canopy was probably one of the coolest things we've ever done! But, this excursion has proven that I am more out of shape than I realized. Not that I was all that diligent about exercise before the cruise, but I was definitely slower on the stairs leading up to the platforms than I would have been last week. Also, I was too short for the guides to be able to just clip my harness to the cables. I basically had to do a pull-up to get to where they could clip me on and by the last run my arms were wishing I was lighter! Any thoughts of decreasing my food intake were soon banished, however, when we got back to the base and smelled the meal that had been prepared in our absence!

Our guide told us that we had to try the beans and rice because they would be better than any beans and rice we had ever had before. He was right! They were amazing… but then, so was the chicken, fried plantains, fried corn patties, and mixed fruit! I filled 2 plates with all sorts of delicious foods and emptied them quickly. A nice tall Tequila Sunrise helped to wash everything down. I think the fried plantains were my favorite!

I’m getting faster at eating. John only had 1 plate, and we finished at about the same time. The bus-ride back to the dock was uneventful. We still had some time before we needed to be on the ship so we did a little shopping in a street market. I got myself a nice jewelry set and a bracelet for my daughter. Then we stopped at a little shop and picked up some rum cakes and hot sauce. When I picked up the rum cake, John asked (while smiling), "Do you think that cake will actually make it home with us?"

I said, "Sure, if we get two! One for us to eat in the cabin, and one to take home." He just laughed, but didn't object to buying both.

Back on the ship, John declared that he was tired. I managed to keep him awake long enough for a little quickie before he collapsed on the bed. I considered going out and having a snack, but I was pretty tired too, so I joined him in taking a nap.

Thursday – 11pm
That nap was just what we needed, but I woke up feeling like my stomach was trying to eat itself from the inside out! I put on a loose, stretchy skirt and a new loose top that I had purchased in Honduras. It’s so big that it almost made me feel skinny again! It was just perfect to wear for dinner because it gave plenty of room for expansion, and it was Italian night in the dining room! My appetizers were stuffed Tiger shrimp and a sausage rigatoni dish that was just divine! I also order two entrées (antipasti and scallop risotto) and two desserts (raspberry panna cotta and warm chocolate cake) . Everything was amazing!

I am starting to think that Brian (one of the guys who sits at our table) might be a closet FA or a Feeder. I’m not sure since I’m pretty new to all of this, but I can feel his eyes watching me as I eat more each night. His wife is a little on the plump side, but usually chooses from the “Vitality” menu, which is lower calorie and lower fat than the rest of the menu. He usually encourages her to eat more, but she just rolls her eyes and shakes her head. He does usually manage to convince her to at least try a bite of each thing he gets, but she definitely acts like she is uncomfortable with her weight.

John, on the other hand, still isn’t giving me any signs of whether he likes my new, softer body or not. Sure, he tells me I’m beautiful, but I really want him to say how much he loves my belly, or loves how round my ass has gotten. Then again, I am having the best sex of my life, so I can’t complain too much! We went to another bar after dinner and had mudslides. But, we know we have another early day tomorrow, so it's off to bed!

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