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Friday – 9:30am
Woke up hungry again! Luckily, I had planned ahead a bit and bought a Kit-Kat bar in the ship’s General store yesterday. I guess I kind of broke the rules when I bought it because I had food available and didn’t eat it, but I’m glad I did because I sure did need it this morning! We have arrived in Cozumel where we have another snorkeling excursion planned.

Unfortunately, the water looked a bit choppy and I was uneasy about getting on a catamaran for the 45min ride out to the reef. We decided to cancel the excursion and just stay on the ship for the day. We had already eaten our room service breakfast. I figured that if we weren't going to be swimming, we should get our exercise in other ways... so, I put on a little teddy that I knew John really liked. It had to stretch farther than ever before, but the look in his eyes was worth it. We set to making as much noise as we could for the next hour!

Now John wants to read for a while and I called the spa to schedule a massage. They have an opening in an hour. Perfect! Just enough time for a little snack!

Friday – 4pm
My second breakfast ended up just being a small affair… just a few Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, a half dozen strips of bacon, and a few sausage links. When I was done, I hurried up to the spa and settled in for my massage. Once again, I had to explain that I wasn’t pregnant, but they were very nice and apologetic.

Apparently, they have to be careful because some of the techniques they use should not be used on pregnant women, so they have to be sure. The massage was wonderful! My masseuse was a tiny little thing but had amazing hand strength. I was hoping that “the full-body massage” would include the belly, but it didn’t. I guess I'll have to do that myself.

After my massage I went back to the cabin and John wanted to go back to the burger joint. This time I tried their chicken club with cheese and bacon. It wasn’t quite as good as their burgers, but wasn’t bad either. Of course, the onion rings were still amazing, and this time we followed everything up with milkshakes.

By now, I’m really excited to find out how much I’ve grown. I can hardly wait to get home and measure my progress. I am also really enjoying my food and my new body. I have found that I can pleasure myself just by rubbing my belly while I’m eating! I haven’t quite gotten up the courage to ask John to feed me during sex, but the thought is always on my mind.

Late Friday – 1am
Tonight was the 2nd formal night for the week. I'm glad I wore my purple dress earlier in the week, because there is no way I’d be able to wear it now! Tonight I wore a little black number that used to be loose but now fits like a glove. With my belly sticking out past my boobs, I look very pregnant. Of course, my waddling doesn’t help discourage that image! I keep getting dirty looks from middle-aged women, especially when I’m drinking. I guess they all assume I’m pregnant and don’t think I should be consuming alcohol! Hehehe… I almost wish they’d say something to me!

Anyway, dinner was wonderful as usual! I only had 1 appetizer, but two entrées (lobster tail and prime rib). For dessert I had the Dessert Trio, which had 3 half-size servings of chocolate mousse, tiramisu, and some sort of fruity pie/tart thing. I also had ice cream with a fruit topping. A few drinks with dinner, and a few more at the bar has me feeling pretty tipsy right now!

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