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Default Saturday!!!

Saturday – 10am
Well, it’s our last full day on the ship. I have had a wonderful week, and I wish the cruise was longer… but, I will be glad to get back home. I REALLY want to weigh and measure myself! I think I probably at least came close on the weight gain goal, and I’d be really surprised if I didn’t exceed the 8” I hoped to add. On the other hand, I know my bra size hasn’t gone up by much because I can still fit into my 34C bras. They are a little tight, but not enough that I feel like I need a bigger size. On the final goal of finding out if John could be an FA, I’m no closer than I was earlier in the week. We’ve been together for over 15 years, and I still find it hard to read him! I know he loves me no matter what my size, but I really wish he’d tell me what his preference is. Oh well, sounds like he’s finished with his shower… which means it’s time to hit the buffet!

Saturday – 1pm
Wow, I’m going to miss that breakfast buffet! It has an amazing assortment of yummy food! Today I had bacon, sausage, Belgian waffles, donuts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and juice. After breakfast, we went out to get some more sun. My bikini bottom that I wore earlier in the week was unbearably tight so I tried the other two suits that I brought. Neither was all that flattering in the conventional sense, but I loved how my ass cheeks were barely covered by the bottom of the string bikini, so I wore it! The only problem with it is that the top is not push-up, so my boobs look tiny compared to my belly, although my hips seem to have widened nicely! My ass is nice and soft and round now, and I love the crease my ass makes when it meets my thighs!

Saturday – 6pm
We’re almost all packed and ready to leave. We technically have one more night in the cabin, but tomorrow morning we’ll be back at our home port. We have most of our stuff packed up and in suitcases. We had one last lunch at the burger place earlier this afternoon… and the lovely Lydia was our waitress again! This time she refilled my onion rings 3 times and recommended the double bacon cheese burger with extra cheese and bacon! YUMMMMMY! Two-thirds of a pound of moist, delicious burger with 4 slices of cheese and 6 slices of bacon! Pure bliss!

I almost thought I wouldn’t have space for a milkshake, which would have been sad… but then the strangest thing happened. I had been absently rubbing my belly when I felt a “shift”, and suddenly I didn’t feel full anymore! I looked down, my belly looked the same as it always did after a large meal, but it felt… well, it felt almost empty!

When she came back to the table, I asked Lydia if she recommended the ice cream sundae or the apple pie. She said that she the apple pie was good, but if I liked chocolate, I should go with the sundae. So, I ordered the sundae AND a milkshake! Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite able to finish them while I was there. I wanted to, but had already drank 3 large glasses of root beer and had to pee really bad. But, I knew that once I pulled my shorts down, I probably wasn’t going to be able to get them back up, so I wanted to use the bathroom in our cabin. Again, the lovely Lydia came to the rescue and put the remains of my sundae and milkshake in paper cups so I could take them with me. Have I mentioned that I Lydia?

After we got back to the room, I put the cups in our mini-fridge. I knew they’d melt a bit, but that was OK with me. Then, I tackled John and told him that I wanted to make love to him. He asked, “Aren’t you a little full for that?” I said I was very full, but I needed his help to work off some of those calories!

Like the other day, I took top and slowly guided his cock so that he was able to quickly bring the “little man in the boat” to attention. Then I gently squeezed his balls to make sure I had his attention… soon we had a simultaneous orgasm that had us both shouting and moaning.

After we were done, I got the ice cream and milkshake cups out of the frig and asked him to feed me. He seemed a little confused, but started spooning the soupy stuff into my mouth as I closed my eyes and used my hands to feel how wet I was and stroke “Johnny Junior”. By the time the ice cream was gone, my hands had brought us both to the point of no return. This time, I rolled over and had John enter from behind. I was hoping that seeing my big round ass would turn him on even more, but I don’t even know if he had is eyes open. Either way, he certainly did seem to enjoy holding onto my love handles while he thrust himself inside me.

This vacation has been so amazing! I am not one to keep track, but I am almost positive that we have had more sex this week than we’ve had in the past 6 months combined!

Late Saturday – 2am
I am kinda drunk, so this will be short. Dinner was great. Had some kind of pork for my first entrée, and lamb for my second. I can’t remember how many drinks I had with dinner, but they must’ve been strong! For dessert I had cheesecake, ice cream, and some kind of fruit and custard thing. Yes, I ordered 3 desserts tonight. I caught Brian staring at me a couple of times… and he convinced his wife to order a 2nd dessert, but she still only ate half of each. What a waste… I thought about finishing them for her but didn’t want to embarrass John.

Oh well, after dinner, we hit our 3 favorite bars. I think I got 2 drinks at each one, but I’m really not sure. After the 3rd bar, we stopped by the café for a midnight snack of pizza and cookies.

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