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Default Dating and PCOS

So I just read one of the posts on PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and I'm wondering how do you guys deal with the excessive hair and dating?

I'm 25, and never even kissed a guy mainly because each time someone is interested in me I start acting very aloof because I am scared of the rejection, and them laughing at me/telling other people that I have hair in places I'm not supposed to have.
I finally got an insurance so right now I'm looking for a good doctor, but I have hair everyfuckingwhere. Face (chin/cheeks/sideburns), stomach, butt, lower back, it even has spread to my chest It takes hours to get rid of everything, and I'm not sure I can be in a relationship because hours and hours of trying to remove hair everyday is time consuming.

I'm also wondering how did guys react to the hair if any of them noticed?

It take a huge toll on my self-esteem, it's really depressing. I feel like I'll be alone forever. I'm a size 18 so it's already hard to find a guy and when I do I HAVE TO reject them.

Thanks guys!
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