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Well, let me put it like this:

The average weight gain fanfic (like the ones on this site, or DeviantArt), have the weight gain being the storyline. The lead female of the film suddenly drops what she was doing in the film (spy-work, learning magic, arresting a mob-boss or whatever) and spends all her time focused on the fact that she is getting fat (whether this is intentional or not).

What I would like to read is a story that actually keeps the plot of the film going (although maybe altered by her new weight) while still focusing the reader's attention on how fat the lead female is getting.

For example, I can find stories about 7 of 9 (from Star Trek: Voyager) getting fat. But they all centre around her abandoning her duties on the ship to spend all of her time stuffing her face and outgrowing clothes. Why 7 of 9 suddenly decide to get fat is barely considered, in favour of simply saying "She suddenly felt aroused by the thought of being fat."

What I would prefer is a fanfiction of, let's say...The Master of Disguise. It's an Action-Comedy starring Jennifer Pfeiffer as the assistant to a bumbling spy. SPOILER....

They hook up at the end and marry. But, you see, the whole Disguisey family have always admired and married women (their assistants usually) who have enormous buttocks (and generally tend to be obese in general, actually), while Jennifer has a "tiny butter-bottom". So when the wedding happens, the camera pans from the actual wedding, (showing off Jennifer's "tiny butter-bottom") to the field guide illustration of the perfect wedding, (showing a bride with an enormous bottom) as though to say "what has yet to come". So I would really like to read about Jennifer helping out her husband, while slowly but surely getting fattened up by the family.

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