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Originally Posted by madvfxartist View Post
So, I have a question. I think I am bisexual, basically because I am really fickle and kinda go in shifts on who I am attracted to, men or women. My question is, is that normal? Sometimes your in a male mood, sometimes in a female mood? Am I just weird?

BTW I am not really out outside of the internet, I have only been in one relationship so, I am kinda new to everything....
I tend to fancy some of both, at the same time. However if i am attracted to someone in particular the others sort of fade into the background.

What you could be referring to is a hormonal thing. Around the time that you are ovulating, your hormones tell your body to go out and fertilise those eggs. It is quite common to be attracted more to guys during that time. Kinda makes sense.
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