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1. My name is Agnes. I'm a 36 yo female of Polish background and I live in Mount Prospect, which is a suburb of Chicago. I work in the mental health field.

2. I guess it depends on a definition of a foodie. I love cooking and trying new recipes from different ethnic cuisines. I like vegetarian cooking the most, although I do eat meat on occasion.

3. Polish cucumber pickles (the vinegar ones called "korniszony", not the dill ones). I could eat a jar in a sitting. Or two. Also ice cream.

4. Me and my friends have a cooking club - we get together to cook from a cuisine we agree on previously and each one of us is responsible for a different type of dish (appetizer, main dish, salad, etc.) Last time it was Turkish cuisine, next time it will be Czech food.

5. Love it. I don't think I have a specialty though. I'll need to remedy that. I know I suck at baking though. I need to remedy that also.

6. Food I think. I'm always checking out new recipes or reading cookbooks or watching Food Network or DVDs with cooking shows. I'm not in a relationship right now, so don't think about sex as much, but hopefully that will change in the future.
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