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I have PCOS as well and I understand your pain. I have a little extra hair (not as much as you seem to describe) and I can only say that I'm blessed that I'm a redhead and that my body hair grows in white. That said, wax (good old Sally Hansen facial wax, that is) has been my BFF. I've also never had a guy notice it before during the grow-back periods.

Okay, I re-read your post and you said that your biggest concern was the hours needed to remove all of your hair. Rest assured that most guys aren't going to notice most of it. If by hair on the chest and the rear you mean light, fine hairs that are slightly visible, men aren't going to notice. There are a lot of women, both slender and fat, that have a lot of body hair without having PCOS. Worry about the colored hair ONLY. In any case, if you are overly bothered by the hair, I second the suggestion to at least get a growth retardant from your physician.

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