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Originally Posted by tjw1971 View Post
Actually though, it was probably just some defective part with the car seat, or some metal that fatigued over time until it finally snapped. (You have to figure that in a high speed crash, there's a lot of force being instantly placed on a car seat, even if the person driving isn't very big.)

To me, that's one of the fun/sexy things about big girls though, if they're willing to have fun with it too. My ex-g/f Brandi was 5'9" and about 325lbs. and we used to get a kick out of seeing if various stuff was strong enough to support her weight or not.

I remember once, we stayed in a hotel that looked like it hadn't been remodeled since the 1970's.... We went in the bathroom and they had this ugly sink/countertop arrangement where some material was bolted to the wall on each side, with no legs or anything supporting it from underneath. Brandi was standing with her back to it, kind of leaning on it with her hands on the edge of it. Suddenly, she gets this devious look on her face and says, "Dare me to hop up here?" I just said, "Think it'll hold you?", and she says "Let's see!" and lifts her butt up onto the counter. The whole countertop made a loud creaking noise and bowed in the middle, under her. It held her though, legs dangling over the edge. She said "Wow! It's stronger than I thought it would be!" and hopped back down. That's when we noticed all the caulking along the top edges was cracked and the sink was now loose in the cut-out for the counter. Hehe....

Another cool thing was the time she tried riding her kid's PowerWheels Barbie jeep. (It was one of those ones designed for two kids to ride it side-by-side, so it actually had a somewhat decent weight-limit listed for it. I think 150lbs. or something?) Her kid quit playing with it and the battery wasn't holding a really good charge anymore, so she was going to trash it. She put it outside and one of the teenage neighbor boys dropped by, and decided to try riding it down her driveway when he found out it was getting thrown away. He was kind of surprised when he could drive it around just fine, even through her front yard. Brandi asked him how much he weighed, and he said he was around 175-180. After that, she said, "That jeep handled his weight just fine! Let's see if it can handle MY big butt! I want a turn too!"

She put the jeep at the top of the driveway and slowly lowered herself down on it. At first, it seemed like it was going to support her. It made a few popping sounds and was squatting down kind of low but she had most of her weight on it, except for her legs still on the ground, on each side of it. Then she lifted her legs and tried extending them out in front of her, over the hood of the vehicle. That's when we suddenly heard a loud crack and some suspension part must have snapped. She started laughing and said "Oh man! It *almost* held me too!"

(So our guess is, those things can probably hold almost 2x their weight limit, which is pretty impressive! Maybe some smaller BBW's can test that theory out sometime. Hehe.)
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