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Yeah, I don't know? But I can say I agree with the previous posters who said the whole "turn on" aspect of a woman breaking things she sits or stands on has *nothing* to do with wanting to see her get hurt or suffer ....

Even "embarrassment" doesn't do much for me. (I've had g/f's in the past who broke chairs they sat in, and got horribly embarrassed -- which kind of killed any interest I had in the whole event.)

What makes it "exciting" has a lot to do with the woman being ok with the whole thing. You know, part of that "size acceptance" thing they like to go on about on web sites like this, yet apparently doesn't always apply to the person of size who wants everyone ELSE to accept it? (Ok, that was snarky -- but I still think there's truth to it.)

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Why do I have the feeling what we say is being completely disregarded in favor of already decided judgments towards others?
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