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Another thing most FAs love is unashamed fatties. Like a fat woman wearing a bikini, a fat person eating a lot in public without shame, or even a fat person commenting on his or her size without being self deprecating. Like Kevin said, if somebody breaks a chair and enjoys the fact that they're so big, it's a turnon. If they don't enjoy it or they're upset, it's typically not hot any more than it's hot to have a fat person hate his or her body or not let a lover touch certain body parts.
I agree. At least for me, I prefer a very self-confident and proud-of-her-size BBW, although they are not so common. I have known a few of this kind, which is really fun. But those BBW who break chairs and enjoy it are really scarce. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet someone like that until now.

I had an ex who was 5'10 at 240lbs and proud of it, but she used to get upset when she broke chairs (happened twice).

Another ex of mine was 5'11 and weighed in at approx. 310lbs (fluctuated constantly). She broke quite a few things while we were together. She didn't seem to enjoy it but she also wasn't really upset about it. If someone is interested, I might post some details later.
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