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Originally Posted by madvfxartist View Post
So, I have a question. I think I am bisexual, basically because I am really fickle and kinda go in shifts on who I am attracted to, men or women. My question is, is that normal? Sometimes your in a male mood, sometimes in a female mood? Am I just weird?

BTW I am not really out outside of the internet, I have only been in one relationship so, I am kinda new to everything....
The terms 'bisexual, heterosexual and homosexual' are socially constructed in order to simplify the nature of human attraction, which is preposterous.

What I believe is that 'straight' people such as myself will find members of their own sex attractive at some point, and 'gay' people will find members of the opposite sex attractive at some point.

Attraction does not concern itself with what you're 'supposed' to like, based on your claimed sexual preference, it is based on a series of factors which you, as an individual find most pleasing. Your own desire doesn't strictly count on a certain sex to find that special combination of factors, and that's all there is to it.

Yes, there are people who would classify themselves as gay or straight because most of the time, their attraction leads them in one sex or another. But its foolish to restrain yourself to this category because attraction isn't set upon a 'category' as such.

This is the real nature of human sexuality and it is not weird AT ALL so please don't feel that you are.
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