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I was riding my bicycle home the other day when I saw a beautiful pear shaped BBW walking on the sidewalk. She waved at another girl and they walked towards each other. There were a few cars parked in between them and they met in the middle of two cars, hugged and kissed each other, and started talking. It was obvious they were good friends and had missed each others company. Just as I passed them they started to walk in the direction the slender friend came from. I couldn't resist taking a peek at her butt. Then I heard a snapping sound followed by the sound of a door mirror falling on the ground. As she turned around to check out the damage her friend immediately argued the cars were parked to close to each other. But she responded with: "No, I have a big ass." and giggled.

A colleague of mine, she is about six feet tall and weighs about 270 pounds, arrived at work not in her own small Korean car. When I asked her about it she smiled and told me it was in the bodyshop. She car home the other day with bags in both hands and didn't properly close the door. Now you need to know she gained a lot of weight over the passed years and most of is went to her legs and hips. In her hurry she decided to close the door by bumping it with her wide hips. The trick worked fine but the impact left a large dent.
I told her I'd liked to have seen that. She smiled and said "I thought so."
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