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Originally Posted by vampirekitten View Post
on the 4th I was at a BBQ, pigging out as usual, and sat down on a quite questionable wicker chair.. I knew I shouldn't have but I did and it started to crack.. I did get up in time before I shattered it lol ~note to self: no more wicker!~ lol
Wicker is so not fat friendly.

A better question would be what haven't I broke. In the last year I have broke three lawn chairs, 2 recliners (my ass is so wide the arms fall off), the arm rest on the driver seat of my van, my new box spring, bent the all metal bed frame, and obliterated a coffee table. I'm never embarrassed, I am usually laughing so hard I can't stop snorting. However, I have started buying fat friendly furniture. Beds are helluva expensive to be replacing all the time.
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