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Itís been a while. I promised to post some stories, so Iíll start with the first one.
Let's call the 1st girl Susan. She was taller than me at about 5'10Ē (I'm 5'7) and when I first met her she weighed about 205lbs. She was quite chubby with large boobs, her arms where thick and her belly was protruding. She had wide hips and massive thighs which still had some muscles under the soft coat of fat, since she played volleyball and went horse riding.
While we were together she started to gain quickly. Not intentionally - I'm not a feeder, so I didn't encourage her to gain, it just happened, and I didn't mind either ;-) We went out eating quite a lot and she enjoyed sweets and chocolate. Since she was quite tall, her weight was quite evenly distributed. Everything got a bit bigger on her but most of the weight she gained went into her thighs and belly.
She was aware of her weight and so she would be careful when she sat down on certain chairs, such as those infamous white plastic lawn chairs. But on the other hand I had a cheap fold chair made of a thin aluminum frame and plastic seat and back rest. In the evening after work she would always take a shower wash her hair and then sit on that chair to dry them. It took some time since she had very long hair. I loved to watch the little chair buckle under her huge butt which was wider than the chair. A couple of times she pulled the chair to the bed where I was sitting and put her legs on the bed. So she basically sat with her full weight on the chair. While talking, she sometimes started to gesticulate and made the poor chair buckle even more. At times I thought the chair is going to collapse. But strangely, with this chair she didn't seem to notice or care. But one day when she sat on the chair as usual I noticed that the chair legs buckled a bit more that usual, I have a very well trained eye for that kind of thing ;-). But Susan didn't seem to notice as she proceeded to dry her hair. I was sitting on the bed reading something, or to be more precise, observing Susan's huge body dominating the poor chair. Then she pulled the chair to the bed and put her feet beside me left and right. Of course, I started to caress her massive legs while the poor chair was struggling with her full bodyweight. After a few seconds we both noticed that the chair started to tilt to her left. She quickly jumped up and we looked at the chair: the metal of the chair leg was bent on the left side. The chair couldn't be used anymore since it was totally slanted. She wasn't too happy about it and said that she should start to lose some weight. I told her that it was a cheap chair and it would have happened with anyone sooner or later. Anyways, she didnít manage to lose the weight while we were together.
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