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So a few months back, i was hanging at my house with my girlfriend at the time. Shes fairly tall (around 5'10) and weighed around 325lbs. After sitting around not doing anything, she decides to put on a movie for us to watch. As she gets up off the bed to put in the movie, (with a squeak of relief i must add lol), i lay down on my back across the bottom of my bed so my feet are hanging off the side. She puts in the movie, turns around to face me, then climbs on top of me in a straddling position. As she proceeded to put all her weight on the bed, it creaked with more and more pressure. After a few seconds of her being on top of me, we both crashed to the floor, as the wheel to the bed bent and the frame hit the floor!!! We both got up laughing, and i told her to try and straighten the wheel out while i lift the bed. She managed to get the job done, and the wheel looked back to normal. I, being 190lbs or so, got on the bed to make sure it was safe. It held me fine, so i left the room to use the restroom. After two minutes in the restroom, i heard a loud crash! i went out to see what it was and the bed frame was on the floor again! but this time, the wheel was completely broken off! i asked her what happened and she just said she forgot about the broken wheel, and sat down to untie her shoes!!!
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