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Originally Posted by madvfxartist View Post
So, I have a question. I think I am bisexual, basically because I am really fickle and kinda go in shifts on who I am attracted to, men or women. My question is, is that normal? Sometimes your in a male mood, sometimes in a female mood? Am I just weird?

BTW I am not really out outside of the internet, I have only been in one relationship so, I am kinda new to everything....
i know exactly what you mean. i'm bisexual but i often go through periods where i'm in a "boy phase" or a "girl phase". i don't think there's anything wrong or weird about that (though i like weird ). the thing a lot of people don't realize is that sexuality is fluid, even within itself. also, bisexuality is a spectrum, not a binary so you can feel different degrees of bisexuality at different times.

bottom line? go with how you feel and don't feel weird about it; be you!
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