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Smile Just my thoughts~Please read

Im very bisexual and have been thinking about this topic for a while myself.
Im 33 soon 2 be 34 in Dec and my whole life Ive been on the fence about it.
Ive come to the conclusion for myself personally Im just me and If I happen to like bith genders than great No problem. You gotta be ok with who you.
My friend once said ok I think I may have the answer for figuring out your dilema when it comes to bi or les or str8t. When u are imaging sex with some one does your view go to w on w or w on m or m on m? I said well Its both and I never see me doing one more than the other nor getting grossed out over one or the other. Now here is where my college world comes into play.
Sexuality is not very finite no specific. The line of sexuality most definitly curves and goes around a bout. So please dont get frustrated at who you are or what you may be as a human. Sex is great and finding out where u belong sexually in this world can be down right confusing or at the most part exhilirating to say the least. So just take careful steps and accept who you are, Lifes a journey so jump in and be safe and take care.
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