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Forgive me for being slow. I'm an infrequent lurker! I'm not sure what touched me about this thread. I suppose the lonely reaching out of the first post and the chorus of appreciation that followed. I was nearly 200lb at my maximum, but am probably around 160 now and I'm about 5'7. I love my big curvy girl and often used to make the joke that there were some kinky things I just wouldn't do, skinny women included!

For those who talk of distance - don't be but off. I live deep in the South Pacific and have had some wonderful adventures, finding the girl of my dreams in Delaware ten years ago. In the grand scheme of a relationship, distance isn't all that hard to conquer. I won't say that distance isn't an obstacle, but compared, for example, with the dramas we sometimes face coming out to parents or friends, what's a little plane ride in the name of love?
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