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Default Sarah the Expanding Cheerleader - by Cylon Bob (~BBW, Imagery, Eating, ~MWG )

~BBW, Imagery, Eating, ~MWG - a growing girl's own desires conflicts with other's expectations

Sarah the Expanding Cheerleader
by Cylon_Bob (aka elsewhere as Bob123456787998)

Part One

Sarah was nervous. Tonight, she would be presented to the public as head cheerleader at her high school. This feeling was new to her. Not once in her eighteen years had Sarah been truly nervous. For the last four years, she had been a cheerleader, and gone through this same ceremony without a second thought, but this year was different. She was different.

Sarah had spent the summer at a camp preparing her for her next year at college. This was a full-summer course, so she had to skip out on cheerleading camp, but she thought that, in the end, this would help her a lot more than cheerleading.

At the end of it all, she had taken a few college level courses, stayed in a dorm, and most importantly, eaten at the dining hall. More specifically, she had OVEReaten at the dining hall. The camp was supposed to simulate a semester in college, and it did it well. Right down to the Freshman Fifteen.

Sarah knew she'd picked up some weight, but hadn't had any problems with clothes so she wasn't too worried about it. But she'd been sized for her cheerleading uniform before the summer. Before her gain. And now she had to fit into it.

She pulled it out of her closet and laid it on the bed, looking at it apprehensively. She settled in for a fight, then grabbed for her top. She knew she was bottom heavy, so she decided to go with the easier part first. She pulled her head through, but then the trouble began. Her boobs had gone up to a C cup, and clearly, this uniform was designed for a B. She pulled and pulled and pulled on the top and finally it gave in. Her boobs were packed together tightly, and were bulging out of the V-neck, but DAMMIT SHE WAS WEARING IT!

Now, she thought, the skirt.

Of couirse Sarah's butt had always been, shall we say, LARGER than average, but now. . .

She sat down and began putting it on. The struggle began about midthigh. Slowly, inch by inch, she forced the skirt up, but with one final pull, she got it up. She sucked in her newly earned stomach and buttoned it and turned to look at inspect just how much damage she had done over the summer.

She was sweaty and out of breath from her clothing issues, but that didn't hold her attention very long. She stood in horror at her reflection. Her uniform was clearly having problems keeping her contained. It was supposed to show off the midsection, yes, but now was shorter than ever before, putting every pound her stomach had gained out on display. But that was only the beginning.

A little south of that, her ass was testing the limits of the material. Her enlarged thighs looked huge to her. She could even see her some cellulite starting to form. Not too much, thank goodness, but it was there. At her waistband, her stomach was oozing out over the top. She tested something and found that she could could still do her routine in it, but just barely. Her rhythm was thrown off by the extra weight and she could feel the extra pounds bouncing all around.

Sarah started to wonder just how bad the damage was, so she pulled out her mother's scale to see just how much she had gained. The last time she'd been weighed, she'd been right around 120 lb. she thought, but now she had no clue. Judging by her appearance, she knew it was a good bit higher.

She stood in front of the scale for a few minutes working up the courage to actually find out. She took a deep breath and stepped onto the scale. 132 lb. She jumped off in horror. Twelve whole pounds over the summer? And now she had to face the entire school in an outfit that was revealing BEFORE the gain?!

She fell backwards onto the bed while she tried to process this. She unbuttoned the skirt so she would have a bit more room to breath, knowing just how much trouble it would be to rebutton it.

Okay, she thought, So I've gained a little weight.

No, she corrected herself, I've gained a lot of weight.

And now she was going to go up on stage with a group of girls who would make it obvious to everyone exactly how much she'd gained. Hadn't she had nightmares like this before? Tonight, Sarah would be cheering with the rest of the squad, yes. But there was more. As head cheerleader, she was also supposed to do a solo routine on stage for the crowd.

With the first, she could at least TRY to blend in with the others, but not with the second if she was alone on stage. The entire school, all her friends and her friend's families would be treated to Sarah's best attempt at her dance number, exposing her gain to the world.

First day of class, the school papers would come out, with an editorial on just how fat she'd gotten, she was sure of it. But there was no way she could think to get out of this. She would have to wear her cheer uniform during every football game and people would see her and her gain then. This made her decision. Why not get that out of the way now and deal with the consequences later? Sarah had to face her fears and put herself on display.

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