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Part Two

Backstage, Sarah was seriously starting to doubt her decision. Her night had been rough enough already. It had been hard for her, seeing her fellow cheerleaders for the first time since the end of school and sitting quietly while they quietly joked about just how fat she'd gotten, and now she had to stand up to the scorn of an entire crowd?

She really wasn't sure if she could handle it. To make it worse, her special performance was the last act of the night. She would be most on display at her worst time. With that thought, everything suddenly started, and she had no choice but to follow along with the ceremonies.

She ran out onto the stage as quickly as she could in her tight skirt and began cheering. It was much more difficult than she had ever imagined. It seemed like every little thing she tried was a bit more difficult than she remembered. And so much of it, she just couldn't do anymore! She couldn't do any of her old favorite moves, like backflips, or somersaults. At least, she didn't think so. She was too afraid to actually try them. Hell, she was having trouble doing anything involving bending or twisting. Why would she try out something she knew was difficult, even when she was in shape?

This whole situation was hard for her. Her incredibly tight skirt made her afraid to bend at all, and her newly-sprouted stomach kept getting in her way. Sometimes, it even felt like her body was moving of it's own accord, continuing to jiggle several seconds after she stopped moving. She held herself back from any of the more demanding roles because of her (justified) fear of tearing her uniform. She felt like everyone in the crowd was watching her, specifically. Why wouldn't they? She was the fat cheerleader who was clearly not in any shape to perform. But she wiped the sweat from her face and continued cheering, the ceremony inching closer and closer to what she was dreading, She just knew this was going to be utter humiliation.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. She took a big gulp of water backstage, wiped her face dry, put on a fake smile and walked out into the spotlight. The crowd began whispering the moment she came out. They hadn't quite been able to a good look at her when she was out with the rest of the cheer squad, and now, with her standing alone on stage, they couldn't miss how much she'd gained.

Amazed at her new size, the crowd wasn't exactly subtle with their reaction, but Sarah did her best to ignore it. She kept her smile, struck a pose, and when Lady Gaga began to blare through the speakers, Sarah began to dance. She knew the steps; she knew the motions, but her new weight threw her ever-so-slightly off. She could feel her ass rolling around, bouncing in rhythm with the music.

She was very aware, and very self-conscious of her ass and just how much it was jiggling. It felt like every single move she made was being magnified by her new layer of flab! And she was in front of a huge, whispering, crowd! She wanted to die from humiliation. She just KNEW that the whole crowd was watching, utterly disgusted with her. The song only lasted four minutes, but those four minutes felt like an eternity to Sarah. A horrible, horrible eternity. But finally it ended, and Sarah was free from this living hell. She practically ran full-speed offstage and just collapsed onto the nearest bench, exhausted and humiliated.

No one would talk to her directly about it, but she knew what they were thinking. How had Sarah, head cheerleader let herself get like this? She waited until everyone was gone, so she could be alone with her thoughts. She couldn't stop herself from wondering. How HAD she let herself get like this? WHY had she let herself get like this?

Well THOSE were easy questions, she thought to herself. Convenience. Every day at camp, what had she eaten? McDonald's hamburgers, pizza, and ice cream from the dining hall's soft-serve machine. Why was everything around campus so delicious and why was everything so delicious so damn fattening? And WHY was the most fattening foods so incredibly cheap? It was almost like the universe wanted her to get fat!

To make the whole thing worse, she hadn't exercised even once this summer! For that matter, she hadn't even thought about her weight at all! Why would she? During summers, sweatpants were basically her uniform. They were convenient and oh-my-god, they were comfortable!

Speaking of, this skirt was feeling WAY too tight for comfort. She went to take it off, but found that unbuttoning it was a LOT harder than she was expecting. The waistband was digging a bit too deeply into her stomach, and she couldn't quite get the button loose. She tried harder. She started hearing stitches pop. She couldn't just STOP, though!

"NO THIS STILL FITS ME, DAMMIT! I got it ON, I can get it OFF!" she declared to herself.

She ended up struggling with the skirt for about 10 minutes, but she managed to finally get them off. That was the important thing, right? Right. The feeling of relief!

"Oh my, it feels good. But as good as it feels I can't just sit around in her panties." she thought. Sarah pulled on a pair of soft, stretchy sweatpants and plopped back down onto the locker room bench.

She couldn't quite wrap her mind around how the next few months were going to play out. She was going to have to put on this uncomfortable uniform once a week, parade around school all day, then go out and bounce around in front of a very large, live, probably very judgmental audience! She wasn't entirely sure she'd be able handle that much embarrassment. Hell, she wasn't sure she could handle just tonight's humiliation!

Sure, she'd dealt with performing live on the sideline for years before now, but it was different now. In so many ways. . . At the least, she'd definitely be "bouncing around" a lot more than she was used to. . . Well, at first anyway. At least it meant that she'd have an easy way to track her weight loss. As she lost weight, the whole thing would get less and less embarrassing. HEY! A new motivation to lose this weight! As if she really needed one. She'd gotten fat, wasn't that reason enough?

After all, how was she going to ever get herself a boyfriend when she was this size? No man could possibly want a woman as big ass she'd gotten! Not any guy who was even remotely cool or attractive, anyway. I mean, there were the chubby-chasers out there, but they're all weird, nasty freaks! She couldn't POSSIBLY try to date one of those weirdos! It'd totally be social suicide!

"Wait," she considered. "How is all this going to affect my social life? I've gotten fat, but that doesn't mean I have to isolate myself from old friends. They're bigger than me anyway. It shouldn't make any difference to them. But whst if it does? What then? Am I going to have to find new friends? What if my new friends aeren't cool enough? What about after I lose the weight? Would my old friends suddenly come back after abandoning me? And do I really want friends like that?"

"What about my fellow cheermembers - I'm supposed to be their captain! They couldn't POSSIBLY be that shallow, could they?" Sarah didn't know for sure, none of them had ever gotten as fat as she was right now. Would they shun her because of this? She expected that from GUYS, (In the end, they only wanted her because of her body, didn't they?) but what about her team members? They wouldn't judge her too harshly, would they? Surely, they all knew what it was like to gain a few pounds?

"Of course! All girls know what that's like! Maybe they don't know what it's like gaining this much,, but honestly, any kind of sympathy, no matter how little, would help me in getting through this. And maybe they'll have some tips to help me get rid of this weight! A new diet maybe, or some brand new kind of diet pill! I have to find something."

Sarah felt she had to find something. She was used to being thin, and didn't want that to change. It COULDN'T change. Hew new gut wasn't going to last very long. Definitely not.

She laid there for nearly an hour, thinking about these kinds of things. Foremost in her thoughts was just how horribly tonight had gone.

"Well, it wasn't too bad," she rationalized, "at least my skirt survived it all."
Barely. It'd come really close a few times, but it managed to keep itself together!

It was obvious to everyone now, just how fat she'd gotten, but that was only going to last for so long. She was going to lose this weight. She WAS!

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