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Part 4

The next day Sarah refused to get out of bed. She sat up and she could feel her stomach bunching up into. . . Rolls? Were these rolls? She had FAT ROLLS?!? She ducked back under her blankets to hide from her gain. She couldn't be FAT! She was THE sexy cheerleader! In the morning light, that binge was the worst idea ever.

She blamed it for her current state of fatness,and she needed comfort food. NO! That was how she GOT here! NO COMFORT FOOD! Well, maybe a little. . . What could ONE mini-sized chocolate bar hurt? Maybe one more. . . and another. . . Suddenly, the one pound bag beside her bed was empty, and Sarah's overfed stomach was bulging out from beneath the covers.

God, do I really have no will power?!? With that thought, Sarah decided to survey the damage she'd done herself. She looked at her body with horror and reassured herself, saying that most of it was from what she'd just eaten, that it'd be digesting within a few hours, and no one would be able to tell.

This wasn't too comforting, though. She was more worried about her ass than her stomach. You can suck a gut in, but an ass sticks out no matter what you do. And her ass did a lot of sticking out. Could she even fit it into any of her old pants, she wondered? Probably not, but there's no telling without trying.

She went over to her closet and found a pair of her old "fat" jeans from her "chubby period" in 10th grade. They were hideous, but they were more likely to fit than anything else she owned. This was just until she got back from the mall,after all. That's where she was going. She would have to buy some new jeans, just until she lost the weight of course. One, maybe two pairs. She didn't need more than that, since she'd be back to her old weight in about a month. Then she could pawn them off, or maybe she'd keep them. They'd be her NEW fat pants.

If she couldn't get these jeans on easily, that meant she was fatter than she'd ever been. She sat down on her bed for a second, preparing for that possibility. It took two or three minutes for her to wrangle up the nerve to try. She put her feet through the right leg and pulled it up, shocked and dismayed at how tight it was around her thigh. It wasn't so tight, though, that it seemed impossible to get the other leg up. So she tried it. She got it up easy enough. Until she got to her hips. Her glorious hips that had made her famous at school. They were just a smidge too tight for these jeans.

NO. THESE WERE HER FAT JEANS! THEY STILL FIT!!! Sarah's groaning reached an almost orgasmic pitch and she forced her jeans over the last hump. She fell backwards onto the bed and felt both immensely fat and disgusted at her relief that the jeans still (barely) fit over her very well enhanced derrière. She took a deep breath. Wait. She shouldn't be able to take that kind of a breath in such tight pants.

Oh! I still haveto button them. Ah well, she thought, at least my tummy hasn't gotten TOO fat. Shouldn't be too hard.

And, compared to the battle she'd just fought, it wasn't. She lay backwards on her bed, sucked in her starter belly and clicked the button. Not too hard! Her underwear was riding up her crack, but that wasn't too big a deal, was it? She dug it out and went on.

She fought with herself for a minute over what top to wear. Normally, she'd have a skin-tight tank-top, maybe even a belly shirt, but she wasn't going to risk that. Her muffin top was noticeable enough, wasn't it? Why would she go and flaunt it?

Briefly, she thought about wearing just an ordinary T-shirt, but she had a reputation to uphold! She had already ruined her indisputable reign as the sexiest girl in school by getting fat, she was NOT about to threaten her standings as one of the best-dressed ones. Only, all her cute clothes showed off how fat she'd gotten!

Okay, she thought, which one makes me look LEAST fat?

She despaired briefly over having to worry about that, then settled on a black and white shirt with vertical stripes. It was skin-tight, but vertical stripes are slimming, right? Right.

So she was dressed. Barely. She couldn't live in clothes this tight, and she definitely couldn't live in her sweatpants. (no matter how much she wanted to) She went out to her car, trying to ignore the jeans pinches, trying to focus on exactly where she'd be shopping. Anything to take her mind off how uncomfortable she was.

She obviously had to go to a different mall than normal. It was a Saturday, so ALL her friends would be there, and she couldn't handle that kind of humiliation. Not now, especially. She was feeling way too vulnerable right now for any kind of social exchange. The next closest was an hour away, but that was okay, if it meant no one would notice her. Then, 20 minutes down the road, she realized she hadn't had any breakfast, aside from the bag of Snicker's, and she felt absolutely STARVING. In her opinion, anyways.

To most people, this was just a bit of hunger, but Sarah hadn't exactly been refusing herself food lately. She pulled into the first fast food restaurant she saw and ordered herself three of the first menu item available. She pulled through the checkout and was presented with three full sized cheeseburgers.

Sarah was a little confused (wasn't it still breakfast?) but too hungry to really care. She tore bites from the burgers like a starving woman and it wasn't too long before they were all gone. Eating gave her a rest from her worries. They took her mind off just how fat she was getting. She always got so caught up in her food! After the burgers, Sarah's tummy was just bulging a TINY bit further than normal, putting a TINY bit more stress on the button, but Sarah was too absorbed by the tastes of the food to notice.

After what felt like days, Sarah pulled into the mall's parking lot. She left the car in front of Old Navy and went in to shop. Pre- summer camp, she had been, what, a size 4? A size 6 on her fat days? What kind of size were these jeans? It had been so long since she'd worn them, she didn't have a clue! Were they an 8? maybe even gasp a TEN?! She decided to reduce the risk of embarrassment. She gathered jeans in 8s 10s and one size 12, just in case. She took off her jeans and checked the size. 8. She let out a huge sigh of relief. God, could you imagine being a 12? That's like the intro to becoming a total cow!

She fit into the 10s just fine, but they weren't the loosest pants she'd ever worn. They clung a bit more than was comfortable, but it was nowhere NEAR as bad as those 8s. And going up for comfort would make her a *shiver size 12! Ah well, they're tight, but it's only until I lose some weight. A month, at the outside.

On to the next necessary stop. This one WAS about comfort, and it was a rare case where Sarah wasn't upset in the slightest about going up a size. You may have guessed, she was going to Victoria's Secret. She went in and got fitted for a new bra. Her boobs were forming little muffin tops around the cups on her old 26B,so it was definitely time for an upgrade. Woman took a few minutes, then came back with the news. Sarah was upgrading to a 30D. It wasn't the most impressive of racks, but considering the pear it was attached to, Sarah felt pretty well endowed.

This deserved celebration. Completely forgetting about how upset she'd been this morning, Sarah laid siege to the food court. She made a bee-line for Hardee's, where she bought a Monster Thickburger. She knew it was fattening, but dammit, she was finally a D-cup! She hadn't even stopped off at a C-cup! THIS DESERVED CELEBRATION! She dug into the sandwich without hesitation,without any reservations at all, pulverizing the whole thing in less than a minute.

Her stomach felt full, but no, she wasn't really satisfied. No, she thought, I need to take it slow, enjoy the sandwich. With that in mind, she bought a second sandwich, this time splurging, getting a chocolate shake to go along with it. Why not? This was no time to worry about weight; this was a celebration!

This sandwich, she took her dear, sweet time with, enjoying every last ounce of it, going back and forth between the burger and the shake. And, OH, it was GOOD! She went to loosen her belt, but found it was on the last notch, so she just took it off. GOD THIS TRIP WAS A GOOD IDEA! And this food! Maybe it was the satisfied tummy talking, but eating had been the best part of this trip by far.

So why stop now? This diet was obviously going to have to wait until tomorrow! No more meat though, it was time for a REAL dessert. She glanced around, then walked over, with a little difficulty, to the Dairy Queen. She glanced at the menu for a few seconds, then ordered a large chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard. If this would be her last meal before her diet, she was going to make it one hell of a delicious memory. And that it was.

As she drank the last of the Blizzard, Sarah finally gave in and released the clasp on her obscenely tight jeans. Her stomach was gorged. It grew a lot during her "celebration," and it was pretty visible. Her shirt was riding up ever-so-slightly, and she kept rubbing it. It was definitely aching, though nowhere near as bad as it had the night before. She noticed a few people staring at her as she walked back to her car, but she didn't know them, so she could deal. She glimpsed her reflection in a store window. Yeah, vertical stripes are not too slimming. Ah well, she wouldn't be needing optical illusions to look thin for much longer!

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