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Part Five

Sunday, she regretted her "celebration," but not enough to start her diet, and Monday started school. She seriously considered faking sick to avoid seeing people. She'd been avoiding these people for days, and now they would be right beside her all day long. She would have done it, only this was the day she'd be meeting her teachers, and she did NOT want them to think she was just a lazy slob kid who skipped school.

She skipped breakfast; she DEFINITELY didn't want to show up on the first day, stuffed like a pig, looking even fatter than she really was. First day, she was setting the stage for the rest of the year and she knew that. She could NOT screw this up.

Clothes. . . This was why she'd gone shopping Saturday. She pulled on her new jeans. Wait, weren't these a little looser on Saturday? Ah, must be my imagination; I can't have gotten too much bigger in two days. She took her time picking out a top. There was one (well, technically two) benefits to her gain, so she had to emphasize them. If guys were staring at her tits, they might not see the pudgy tummy they were resting on, right?

Right. The shirt from Saturday was dirty, so she grabbed an old, plain black V-necked shirt and put it on. Black is slimming, right? Not too much here, but there was a lot to slim down! Plus, it was displaying her new D cups to their full potential, so that's a bonus. She looked in the mirror.

Whoa, this didn't uses to be a belly-shirt, did it? Her stomach wasn't entirely hanging out for public view, but the shirt definitely didn't quite reach her bellybutton. Oh man, she had a definite muffin top there. It wasn't exactly huge, but it was definitely there. Well, all the other shirts were even worse, so she settled for what it was.

Sarah looked at herself in the mirror, terrified of what she saw. She had no makeup, her hair was unbrushed, but that wasn't the worst of it. She saw herself, looking like a fat girl in denial, trying to wear clothes meant for thinner people, which,as she saw it, was worse than just looking fat. It was possible for a fat girl to just blend in with the crowd, but not when she was wearing the same clothes she wore before she gained.

She used to wear these clothes entirely to draw attention to herself and now, that was exactly what she didn't want. Man, these first few weeks were gonna be a nightmare! She felt a tiny bit better after she got her hair and makeup sorted out, but the fear of judgment was still there, burning her.

It wasn't as bad as she thought, though. Sarah, despite being a beautiful cheerleader, was a very down-to-earth kind of person, and she made friends with people similar to her. She didn't much care for the "popular" crowd, so she avoided them when it was possible already. Her only encounters with any of the other cheerleaders was at practices and games.

She had a very close, fairly small group of friends, and really, those were the only people she talked to when she was at school. They weren't quite outcasts, but they were close. They were all slightly nerdy and bit shy. The dynamic between them was closer to that of a family than anything, and none of them wanted to hurt Sarah.

There was never any mention of Sarah's weight. And why would there be? Some of them were even heavier than she was! She looked at them for a minute. There were five of them. She'd never really thought about their weight, though. One of them was even skinnier than Sarah before summer, one was healthy, but definitely on the chubby side of that spectrum, and the other three were much, much fatter than she was. They went from about. . . eh, 230 to 190, she estimated.

They were on diets all the time, yet somehow,they always end up cheating, staying the same size. She made a promise to herself right there, when I get this diet started, I will NOT cheat on it and end up like these chicks. She looked at the fattest of her friends. Her belly was looking huge, rolling out over her jeans and hanging down her front. She got boobs to go with the gut, but it didn't balance out. Second heaviest was almost the flip-flop of that. HUGE tits, much smaller gut. It was definitely there, though.

The last of her fat friends had a body much more like Sarah. She had an ass you could identify from 20 yards away. Sarah couldn't help but see that it was hanging down over the edges of her chair. Her tits were larger than average, but not quite as big as the gut billowing out beneath them. Sarah looked down a her own lap. She wasn't anywhere near that size, thank goodness, and if she had her way, never would be, but she wasn't too far off.

Her ass filled the chair to the edges, and her tummy was definitely staring to peek out over her pants. . . Would she get as fat as her friend? She didn't want to think about that. One thing she was sure of, though- She was still a few pounds away from being officially declared a fat ass. Right now, she was what she would call "very chubby," but she was getting close to that line.

Feeling kinda worried on Friday night, she went online to check the BMI scale, and at 5'1 and 132 pounds, she was in the healthy category. Barely. The exact BMI was 24.9 and 25 is considered overweight. On a hunch, she plugged in the numbers and figured out that if she gained even one more pound, she'd be medically overweight. Sarah had no problem with fat people, but fat doesn't look good! That's why the only fat people in TV and movies are funny men! There's no sex appeal in a fat chick! Oh god, if she hit that 133 mark, she'd be entering fatty land, and it's hard to get out of there!

Today was proving to be almost exactly the kind of thing she'd been worried about, if not quite as intense. No one mocked her, no one tried to "pinch an inch" or anything like that, in fact, it wasn't things people said or did that ruined her day, it was the looks she got. She could almost hear people in the hallways thinking "Holy shit is that Sarah?" or "Damn she got fat this summer!"

Where she used to notice guys staring at her lustfully, now she was seeing people, more than one person, looked away, disgusted. Now, these weren't the kind of guys she would EVER consider dating; they were a bunch of total assholes, and she knew that, but it still hurt. Only comfort was that even the assholes couldn't stop looking at her newly improved chest. It wasn't much, but it helped a bit.

She made things worse for herself during lunch break, too. See, her school has by far the best cafeteria within about a few hundred miles. People elsewhere usually complain about their school's food, but here, students were just lining up for seconds. That was a problem for Sarah. She didn't eat breakfast, remember? That had already proven itself a huge mistake. It had really tough on her because she had gotten so used to eating whenever she felt hungry.

This was the longest time she'd gone without food in months! By fourth period, her stomach was growling angrily, and by fifth, it was getting so loud that the teacher actually handed her a granola bar and told her to eat it. The noise was getting too distracting, he said. Sarah felt like crying after that class.

To make this all a bit worse, to celebrate the first day of school, the cafeteria workers made lunch extra special. Not a good thing for Sarah's waistline. Kind of a disaster, really. All her favorite foods were there. The same foods that made her so damn fat! She wanted to skip lunch, get rid of the temptation, but. . . SO. . . HUNGRY!

She came back to her table with a platter loaded to the max with food. Pizza, a cheeseburger, a salad (gotta eat healthy!) a plate of fries and a large Coke. No dessert, though, don't want to get even fatter! The platter was cleaned off in a matter of minutes, and Sarah still felt hungry.

She decided this hunger took precedence over physical appearance and went through the line a second time. Well, she thought, the diet's off for today, so screw it, I'm getting dessert this time. She didn't get quite as much food this time, but there was still a lot on the tray at the end of the line. And a small bowl of banana pudding. She loved her banana pudding.

If she'd looked around, she would have seen people staring at her, amazed, but Sarah was totally focused on the food. This tray lasted her to the end of lunch break, but as she stood up, she had to loosen her belt up a notch to be comfortable, and she was kind of regretting eating so much. Her stomach was complaining loudly about having to work with so much food. Ah well, if she'd learned anything this summer, it was that this feeling didn't last too long. Thirty minutes, maybe an hour after a REALY big meal, and you're fine!

It was true, too. About fifteen minutes into next class, she felt just fine, thank you very much. Well, her stomach was tied up in knots, but that had nothing to do with having eaten so much. No, this was because of what was happening after this class. She started an inner dialogue, tuning the teacher out entirely. She'd be leaving here and here and heading to cheer practice.

She would be out on the football field in a skin-tight outfit, rehearsing routines with a bunch of judgmental bitches. Didn't she have a nightmare about this once? Yeah, I think so. Or was she naked? Oh GOD that would be a horrifying combo! Being out on the field now, naked, all her fat bouncing around, proving without a doubt, just how incredibly fat she'd gotten.

Okay, time to stop thinking about that, that doesn't lead anywhere good. Think about the good things about this. One, it'll be burning loads of calories. Might go so far that lunch won't matter. Two, It'll help me performing. Friday showed me how much I can't do, so this will help me get back to normal. I'll be back to my old body in no time! I wish I could keep these tits, though. . . Three, I'm captain now, if those bitches start making fun of how fat I got, and it gets back to me, they're off the team.

We could have the first ever bitch-free cheerleader squad ever! Well, they'll still be bitches, but not at me. That's the best I can hope for, though. The bell rang, so she had to stop there, but. . . Three reasons were enough,weren't they?

Despite her trying to put a positive spin on it, practice turned out to be exactly the sort of nightmare that Sarah had been imagining. The shorts she brought for it were a bit . . . tight. God, aren't these things supposed to be stretchy? They looked sprayed on,except that the seams looked close to coming apart. And they were, no question about it. It was only by some miracle from heaven they were staying together.

It was really hot outside, so she pulled on an old tank top. Looking in a mirror, she had a minor freak out. This outfit made her muffin top even MORE obvious! She didn't have time for a full panic attack though, she was the squad leader this year, so she couldn't be late.

As head cheerleader, she was in charge over exercises, and she followed a plan the last captain had written out, starting with one lap around the field. It seemed a lot harder than it did the year before. This wouldn't work, she would have to write up a new one. More stretching, less jogging. She ordered an unscheduled five minute break so she had the chance to catch her breath.

Next on the list was 100 jumping jacks. Eh, jumping jacks are easy, right? Well, not as easy as she remembered. God, was it this hot before we got started? Not important. Okay, next up, stretching. FINALLY, something easy! Sarah was naturally flexible, so this was kind of a break from practice. Not so much right now, though.

As she reached for her toes, she couldn't stop worrying about how much stress was on her shorts. What if they ripped? The football team was right there, so they'd see it, too! She could discipline gossipy cheerleaders, but the football players were a totally different story. She never did get a full stretch that day, partly because of the shorts, but mostly because of her weight. She could feel her fat rolling up, getting in the way as she tried to stretch, and she knew it was obvious to other people. It got worse the further she stretched, so she just couldn't bring herself to take the chance and get a deep stretch.

If she was going to be judged, and she knew she would be, she wanted to hide as much evidence as possible. They went through a few cheers, did a few stunts, and practice was over. Except for one last thing. The last item on the list was one more lap around the field. Shit. She was still exhausted from trying to remaster back flips, she wasn't ready for ANOTHER jog around the field! This shit would NOT be on her practice schedule.

She "took a water break," then waited till the other girls left and walked to her car. It was kind of like cheating, she knew that, but dammit, that was already one hell of a workout and adding another lap would totally push it over the top. She got to the car, put the seat back and took a few minutes recovering. Yeah, this COMPLETELY canceled out those calories at lunch. For sure.

Now, time to buy some new shorts.

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