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Part Six

The week went by pretty smoothly all considered. She was never ridiculed or anything, and people slowly adjusted to how she looked. The diet didn't start, though. Oh, she THOUGHT it had, and she told people all about it, but nothing really changed. Every day, she woke up intending to eat healthy, but all the only consistent result was a series of very small, low-calorie breakfasts. Too small to fully satisfy her.

She usually broke down somewhere around third period and bought some chips and a coke from the vending machine. Then stop by again on the way to fourth, for dessert. Nothing too huge, no massive binges, but no real restrictions either. She would refuse a candy bar from her friend at lunch, then a few minutes later, go through the line for a piece of cheesecake. Eat a salad for lunch instead of a full meal, then stop by Macdonald's after school. The results of all this, she was finally pushed up into the "overweight" category on the BMI scale. Her clothes were loose enough when she bought them that a few pounds here and there didn't really make a difference. That is, until Friday. Until Game day.

First thing to know about the program at this school, they have a. . . unique dynamic between cheerleaders and players. The cheerleaders were expected to bring some kind of edible treat for one player,who is their designated "Buddy." The idea is to give players something sweet to relax their nerves before game time. That's innocent enough, but from there, it gets weird.

The cheerleaders are expected to raise the players testosterone levels before the game. How? Well, they play up their feminine characteristics, try to turn the guys on. It made sense, hell, that's how cheerleading got started, hiring strippers to dance a games, but it always felt strange to Sarah, trying to act sexy in front of a guy she didn't care about. They didn't have to act like strippers, or pole dance, or do anything like that, that would get the school shut down, but they were encouraged to act sexy all day. Act like a tease around players.

There were plenty of options for them, for example, they might wear their sexiest lingerie and talk about that, in detail, with their friends, all with a player in earshot. Now this wasn't a RULE, per se, but it was a tradition in the program, and it didn't really hurt anyone, so why not? Sarah just had to think about how she'd manage that this year. . .

Besides, it gave Sarah an excuse to bake a cakes every week. She loved doing that, but if she'd thought it through. . . Suffice to say, baking a cake week was the worst possible thing she could do in terms of losing weight. She couldn't bring the whole thing to school on Friday, that was for sure, so she decided to cut out just one piece for her "buddy." That left the rest of the cake for her to eat at her own pace. There were twelve games, so that's twelve cakes she would have almost entirely to herself over the next three months.

Friday morning, Sarah woke up anxious about the day. She cleaned up and went to the kitchen to get a package for the cake so it would survive the drive to school. She came back in and stopped at the edge of the bed. She had to put her cheer uniform on again. She was a little afraid and thought back to how tight it had been last week. Ah well, that was BEFORE she went on a diet, so it's gotta be a bit looser!

She went to pull the top on, noticing with satisfaction how tight it was on her boobs. They were packed tight, bulging over the V-neck, emphasizing her cleavage. Well that's gonna help today, she thought. Good thing the twins aren't getting smaller because I'm losing weight! Then, she pulled out her skirt with a feeling of dread. She shook it off. No, I've been on a diet for almost a week now, it should feel a bit looser.

It wasn't. Actually it was tighter. Too much tighter. She spent fifteen minutes trying, unsuccessfully, to pull the damn thing over her hips before she saw how hopeless it was. Feeling absolutely massive, Sarah went to the fridge and pulled out a stick of butter. This skirt HAD to fit. She was the CAPTAIN of the squad, she had no choice but to squeeze her newly fat ass into this skirt! She buttered up her hips, silently praying it would work. . . And it did! She still had to wriggle into it, but it worked!

Buttoning up proved to be an obstacle though. Try as she might, she just couldn't quite get the button to the hole. But she was on a diet! How did this HAPPEN? As she fought with the skirt, she looked back at the last week. She remembered all her stops at the vending machines; she remembered stopping by Dairy Queen the day she managed to do a cartwheel; she remembered all those second servings in the school cafeteria.

She was totally going to stop all that next week. This diet was going to WORK. One week from now, this skirt will just slide on, no problems! Finally, Sarah gave up on getting the button snatched. She found a safety pin and used that as a stand-in for the button. Using safety pins to hold clothes together? GOD she had gotten fat!

She looked in the mirror. She didn't like what she was seeing, either. Her face was flushed from straining to get the button snapped and her hair looked unkempt, but that didn't matter. She remembered back to this moment a week ago, how she looked then, and didn't like what had happened since. Her ass felt, and looked, three foot wide and her thighs seemed absolutely gigantic. No, they didn't just look gigantic, they WERE gigantic. She could feel them rubbing together as she shifted her weight around.

Then there's the safety pin thing, but wasn't that supposed to make the skirt LOOSE? She still had a muffin top bubbling over the waistband, and oh my GOD is that a visible panty-line? Was there this much cellulite before? There must have been! This was not a good start to Sarah's morning.

Sarah's wardrobe difficulties took a lot of time. She didn't have time to cook up any kind of breakfast, so she quickly cut a piece of the cake to eat on the drive to school. A bit bigger piece than was probably good for her. She was late to class, but she knew walking in late would make everyone notice her. That attention was the last thing she wanted right now. So now she had to wait until the next class started to join in. . . She decided to wait it out in the cafeteria, where at least the chairs were somewhat comfortable. Not her best idea ever.

She could smell the food the workers were cooking for lunch and she suddenly wanted a real breakfast. The cake was delicious but not satisfying. When she could stand it no more, she moved over to the nearest vending machine and spent ten dollars. Just the essentials of course, a few candy bars, two bags of chips and a Coke. Nothing too crazy, right? Then why was this skirt feeling even tighter right now?

After what felt like eternity, the bell rang and Sarah walked through the hall towards class. Walking through the halls was bad, way worse than the first day. Then, Sarah was doing her best to hide the fact that she'd gained weight, wearing her loosest clothes, acting inconspicuous, but that wasn't possible today.

Today, her clothes showed EXACTLY how much weight she'd gained. Well, not exactly. They made it look like she'd gained so much more than she really had. Her outfit was skin-tight, digging into her new layer of flab. This was how she had to look when she tried to act sexy for her buddy. She could just picture him running away when she tried all that. She had to play up the boobs, that was the one positive effect in all this. She developed a plan to approach him at lunch and sit in front of him. Then all he could see was her face and her tits. Perfect.

And it worked. After she ate her own lunch (no seconds this time!) she walked over to his table and sat there. She gave him the piece of cake she'd cut for him, trying to bring his attention to her boobs. That wasn't hard at all, the guy was staring at them almost from the second he sat down! Now she had him, it was time to keep him staring. She kept herself moving, jiggling her tits around as much as possible. She laughed a lot, making her tits bounce as much as possible.

She had to wait until lunch ended of course, since seeing her fat ass jiggling away from the table would totally kill his boner, and when it did, she noticed something. He never even touched the cake she'd made for him! She was insulted, but she had the cake to comfort her, so she was fine. Her diet, not so much.

Her performance that night. . . Terrible. She just lacked confidence in what she was doing. This was the first game of the season, so everyone was there. Only parents and close friends of players came to the presentation ceremony, but this was a big event. Alumni, parents, friends, EVERYONE would be here. THIS was her debut as the only fat cheerleader in history.

Worry won't help, she told herself, there's nothing to do but jump in head first. So she did. She told herself nothing had changed and tried to act like it, but it was different. It was like the opening ceremony last week all over again, only there were more people watching. Her troubles with the uniform weren't exactly reassuring, either. She could almost hear seams popping in her skirt every time she jumped, and it was making her nervous. Would it survive the whole game? She checked the safety pin. It looked okay for now, so she went back to cheering. She decided to work what she still had.

In previous years, that meant shaking her hips, bringing them to people's attention, but with this weight, no one could HELP but see them. No, this year, she was going to be making her tits stand out. They were by far the biggest on the team, but she was self-conscious about them. They made her stand out, what if people looked a bit below them? Then what would they think? Would I look like a cheap whore getting fat? Fuck it, she was sick of the disgusted looks she was getting. She Leaned in towards the crowd a bit, giving them a PERFECT view of her new cleavage. When she wasn't doing that, she was bouncing at full speed. The audience couldn't help but notice. She'd never done anything like this before, and was surprised by how fast she got tired. Actually, she took the entire second quarter off, to rest up for the halftime show.

THE HALFTIME SHOW! She was the CENTERPIECE! Okay, time to crank it up a few notches. She crossed her arms under her chest, pushing her boobs up that little bit, and walked out onto the field with the rest of the squad. She did her best to make her tits seem bigger than they were, hoping no one would notice her ass, and it worked halfway. No men noticed. Mothers, on the other hand, were outraged. How DARE that girl squeeze her body into that tiny a uniform! NOTHING was left to the imagination, it was all right there on display! And those TITS!

She wasn't seeing any disgusted faces anymore on men, but it felt like every woman in the arena loathed her, so it wasn't much of a relief. After the performance, the cheerleaders headed over to the concessions stand, so Sarah followed. She needed to refill after all that working! Let's go big here, she thought. She'd been starving herself since her second breakfast after all. Besides, cheerleaders get discounts at the stands! She went to the counter and asked for a cheeseburger and a Coke and. . . Oh my god, do they have FUNNEL CAKE this year?! Add that onto the order, please!

The bell rang for the start of the third quarter, but Sarah wasn't ready yet. The funnel cake turned out to be a bit bigger than she had been expecting. Okay, a lot bigger. She couldn't go out just yet, her stomach was bloated! Extremely bloated, actually, how could she let herself eat that much? Even with the safety pin, her waistband was cutting her in half! She could have tits the size of watermelons and people would still notice this kind of gut! She lay down on a bench under the bleachers to give her stomach a chance to digest and, hopefully, shrink down to an acceptable size. Oh, she was going to be hearing about this on Monday, she just knew it!

In the end, the game was a victory, but it wasn't the game that people remembered. The cheerleaders stuck in their minds. On Monday, the school secretary was welcomed by about about 30 letters from concerned mothers demanding Sarah be given a larger uniform.

They obliged. One size up should work, right?

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